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Interview: Andrew Walker Talks about His New Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Movie "Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate" and Co-star Nikki DeLoach

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Interview: Kara Mayer Robinson Talks with Mayim Bialik of Blossom, Jeopardy, Call me Kat and the Big Bang Theory 

Interview: Kara Mayer Robinson Chats with Patrick Duffy of Dallas, Step by Step and Now On The Verge: Hear about his Dallas Days, the Friends He Made Along the Way and so much more.

Interview with Olivia D'Abo of The Wonder Years - Her New film Angie: Lost Girls is Now Streaming - Hear Ten Things we Learned About this Multi-Talented Actress, Singer/Songwriter and Voice Talent of Star Wars

Females in Entertainment: Jane Widdop Stars as Angie in Angie: Lost Girls, A Powerful Film about Child Trafficking, See her Soon in Showtime's YellowJackets 

Interview with  Andrew Richardson: Meet This British Actor Who is Making a Splash in America in A Call to Spy, Martin Eden and More; He Talks How This Happened and Where He's Headed in What Will Surely Be a Very Successful Career 

Interview: Jon Lindstrom on his Many Roles on Screen and In Life: From General Hospital to Homeland to New Movies PLUS the Unique Cause He Just Can't Say Enough About

Interview: The Iconic Lee Grant talks about Making Documentaries, Being Blacklisted, What She Wants Every Female Filmmaker to See and Her Virtual Cinema Retrospective

Interview: Patrick Fabian's Many Roles - From Better Call Saul, to Friends to Carole's Second Act Plus the Secret to Staying Alive in Hollywood

Interview: Torrei Hart Talks about Her New Film Hollywould Now Available to Stream - and why her Life Experience Can Help Others


Interview with RJ Hatanaka - This Canadian Actor is Achieving International Success with HBO, Hallmark's When Hope Calls, Global TV's Nurses and More 

Winnie Cooper: Danica McKellar is the Definition of Sweet Success - Get to Know More about this Charming and Smart Christmas Movie Superstar (Includes Video)

Interview with the Versatile Actor Tim Rozon: A Man in the Middle of Many Fandoms - From Wynonna Earp to Schitt's Creek to Hallmark's Christmas Town  & More


Interview: Entertainer Vincent Pastore Talks About his Present, his Past and Most Importantly the Legacy of the The Sopranos Family and His Own

Interview with Actor Jeff Hephner: On Being Adrian in Newest Film An Acceptable Loss,  A Proud Michigander and A Girl's Basketball Coach
Read: https://www.suzeebehindthescenes.com/2019/01/interview-with-actor-jeff-hephner-on.html

Interview: Actor Desmin Borges Talks His Experience Playing Edgar Quintero on Who's The Worst Now Streaming - What He Learned About Vets, PTSD and Why Vets Did and Didn't  Relate to His Character


Interview with Actor/Producer David Alan Basche: On Hatching an Egg, Being Married to A Warden, Raising Kids and Being A Really Neat Guy
Click:  https://www.suzeebehindthescenes.com/2019/02/interview-with-actor-david-alan-basche.html

Interview: Actress/Activist/Producer/Entreprenuer Alysia Reiner of Orange is the New Black and Better Things: Read about her Upcoming Film Egg, Life, The Women's Movement, Her Favorite Shows and More

Interview: DriverX Movie's Patrick Fabian - Why He Relates to His Character in this Movie about Second Chapters and Chances
Patrick Fabian - you've seen him all over TV. He's the handsome Nurse Dan in Friends, he's the dapper yet devious Howard Hamlim in Better Call Saul, and he's been on countless other TV shows.. :

So You Want to Be  A Television Meteoroligst:  WABC-TV  New York Meteorologist Any Freeze Has Some Advice on How To Get Started 
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Interview: Actress Holly Fulger Whose Roots Are on the First Ellen Show Now On a Mission to Teach Young Women the Real Meaning of Beauty - GoFundMe Campaign for True Beauty Detective Underway

Interview: Catching up With Actress Alicia Minshew of All My Children, Tainted Dreams & More - What's She's Up To Now
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Interview: Tanya Clarke of Driver X The Movie: From Soaps to the Big Screen and Now as Queen Rynda on Marvel's Inhumans

TV Host Casey Messer of Good Morning New Mexico: On Puffy Shirts, Being an Architect, Festivus and How Perseverance Pointed Her in This Direction
I don't recall the initial prompt, but I met Casey on Social Media. I think what attracted my attention was her love of Seinfeld, a mutual love. So, I had to know what this girl was about.  She must be pretty cool and have a great sense of humor if she could watch Seinfeld repeats and laugh each time. http://www.suzeebehindthescenes.com/2017/10/tv-host-casey-messer-of-good-morning.html

Interview: Soap Star Cady McClain Forges New Career as Director: She's On Trend with New Doc Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Cady McClain is forging a name for herself as a director. Most well-known for her lengendary roles on the soaps All My ChildrenAs The World Turns and Young and the Restless, her true passion is behind the camera. Cady's recent documentary, Seeing is Believing, Women Direct, showcases several women current women directors, revealing their struggles and successes. The word is out now on the power of the female director and Cady is helping to spread it. Read: http://www.suzeebehindthescenes.com/2017/06/interview-soap-star-cady-mcclain-forges.html

Interview: Martha Byrne Talks Soaps Now and Then- CBS Daytime TV Reunion on THE TALK
Soaps are here to stay, even with changing viewing habits. Martha Byrne, legend of daytime, was on As The World Turns for two decades, General Hospital and wrote for Bold and The Beautiful. We ask her why people continue to tune in, and what 's she's up to now.     

RHONJ's Amber Marchese: The Real Cancer Story Behind This Real Housewife - "I Looked Like a Turnip" - How She Would Like to Save a Life with Her Story
Editor's Note: In this candid interview, RHONJ Amber Marchese opens up about her bout with breast cancer, detailing everything from when she first found it to the way her chemo made her feel to how her husband was there for her the whole time. Read about the doctor that saved her life, how she dealt with the pain, and get some words of wisdom. 

Interview: Bette Midler's Daughter Sophie Von Haselberg- From China to Wall Street She's Forging Her Own Path in Show Business - See Her in Wall Street Thriller Equity

Interview: Movie Producer/Actress Sarah Megan Thomas of Backwards and Equity Movie  Can You Have it All? 
Sarah Megan Thomas is an actress, writer and producer whose second film, Equity, a financial thriller rolled out in theaters nationwide this past year and is now available on DVD. Aside from the suspense and storyline of this timely drama, Equity is known as being a film written, directed, starring, and produced mainly by women. In Equity it’s the females that call the shots. 
 Read: http://www.suzeebehindthescenes.com/2016/12/females-in-entertainment-interview.html

Interview - Loving's Christopher Mann: On Growing Up, Going Places Unplanned and Where He's Headed Next

Off the heels of  his role as Theoliver in Loving, which received Oscar and Golden Globe nominations,  Actor Christopher Mann is now appearing in an indie film, But Deliver Us From Evil. His resume is impressive, having appeared on such notable shows as The Wire, House of Cards, many other hit shows and the movie Michael ClaytonI was thrilled to have the chance to interview Chris when I met him through a film festival and even more thrilled to hear his honest, insightful and experienced answers. Click to read:

Interview: Meet Stephanie Little from Amazon's The Other F Word - "Theres's SO Much More Wisdom at This Stage of the Game."

Interview with General Hosptial and Fear of the Walking Dead Flight 462's Kathleen Gati: From Port Charles to the Not-So-Friendly Skies

Kathleen Gati is a Canadian actress most well known for her role as the sinister Dr. Lisa Olbrecht on the long-running daytime drama General Hospital, is now part of the immensely popular Walking Dead phenomenon. She plays Deirdre, a flight attendant on the companion series to WD Fear The Walking Dead, Flight 462.

This actress has been on stage and screen since the 80's, appearing all over the place with roles in stage and screen in Canada, the US and internationally. With her exotic European aura and her flair for European accents, she often plays . From the webseries Winterthorne to Star Wars: Clone Wars, to Meet the Fockers to Jimmy Kimmel she's got an extensive resume. Read: http://www.suzeebehindthescenes.com/2016/02/interview-with-general-hospital-and.html

Interview: Christina Milian of E's "Turned Up" Talks Growing Up in in Jersey at her Viva Diva Wine's Signing, and Gives Advice for Aspiring Singers

Christina Milian is a well-known, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, actress and well, also, a Jersey Girl.
Few people know that she spent her youth hangin' out on the "Boulevard" in Jersey City, NJ. She was born in Jersey City on September 26, 1981. Some of this might become more well-known now that she has her own reality show, "Turned Up" on E! It premiered January 18th, 2015 and airs on Sunday nights. It focuses on her large Cuban family. Click here for interview: 

Interview: Trent Dawson from As The World Turns Talks About His Role On NCIS

Trent Dawson, most well-known for his role as Henry Coleman on As The World Turns (1998-2010)  will be guest-starring in tonight's episode of CBS' NCIS (titled "Grounded")  airing November 25th, 2014. Trent has also appeared in NCIS: Los Angeles, The Good Wife and Homeland since his days at ATWT. 


Interview: Actress Lauralee Bell of the Young and Restless Turns to Producing- Why She Made Her Dramatic Series about Texting and Driving

Laura Lee Bell created MiPromise
My son just turned 17 and got his license on his birthday. Here in NJ, the anxious kids get their permits as soon after they turn 16 when their parents realize the inevitable has approached, they shortly thereafter learn how to drive, they log in the required hours with a certified instructor, and the piece de resistance is being able to schedule their lesson for first thing in the morning the day of their birthday. That day the kids don’t care how early they have to wake up to get to the DMV. Then they proudly drive to school that day. So on this date of my son’s 17th birthday, he took the car to school after his successful driving test in the wee hours of the morning.

Interview: Broadway's Christian Borle Helps Makes Indie Film "Shutterflies" a Smash Hit

Christian Borle is a Tony-Award Winning actor piling up TV credits with his work on NBC's Smash and The Sound of Music. Now he's making a name for himself in film as the quirky and sinister Lieutenant Burns in the short film Shutterflies.

Tony-Award Winner Christian Borle in Shutterflies
It says a lot about an actor who would do a film for unknowns, let alone kids.

But Christian Borle helped out a friend of his he met on the set of  NBC's Smash, Jeff Muhlstock, whose 17-year old son was making a movie with another 17-year-old, without hesitation.

“I saw the script and I loved it”, Christian said.  "It was mini Quentin Tarantino-ish.”. But he added, “Jeff, and I have a great relationship. I would have done it anyway."
To read:  http://www.suzeebehindthescenes.com/2014/05/interview-christian-borle-helps-make.html

JerseyGirl RHONJ Teresa Giudice Talks Jersey Shore      
                              by Suzanne Ordas Curry

There are some things that bind us to each other, that create our common culture. Given that we are one big nation, yet a composite of many states, our common culture varies from one part of the country to another. In New Jersey, and I believe some neighboring states, one thing that binds us together is the place where most of us have some of the fondest memories of our lives, the enduring Jersey Shore.

Interview: Marc John Jefferies- Under the Radar Yet All Over TV and Film

Marc John Jefferies may not be a household name, but he's most likely been in your home on many an occasion.

When he was a very young boy he was a cast member of the illustrious and ground-breaking Cosby Show.  He's also been on such hit NBC shows as The Tracy Morgan Show, ER, Law and Order SVU, HBO's Treme and several others.

He's also done many voice-overs for TV and film. He's been in #Finding NemoMonster's Inc, Bill Cosby's Fatherhood, Justice League, Dexter and others. His movie appearances include Haunted Mansion (in which he played Eddie Murphy's son), Notorious,  Get Rich or Die Tryin', Spider Man 2 and Stuart Little. In a movie that also starred Halle Berry, Jessica Lange, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson Marc played the adorable and fought-over Isaiah in Losing Isaiah. 

Marc was nominated for 2 Young Artist Awards, one in 2002 for Best Performance in a TV Drama Series - guest starring Young Actor in The Practice (1997) and one in 2004 for Best Performance in a Feature Fill - Supporting Young Actor for The Haunted Mansion (2003.

I had the pleasure of meeting Marc at Jersey City Fashion Week, where he was lending his star power for a good cause. This 23- year old has worked with some of the greats in showbiz, so I just had to ask him what it was like to work with icons like  like Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, and Ellen DeGeneres, just a few on his list.

Very humbly, Marc first looked thoughtful as he realized the opportunities he had already had in his young life. He said "Well, it doesn't phase me because I grew up working with them." Then he added "Bill Cosby is like a dad. He is quiet and fatherly. He commands respect but he is sweet. I learned a lot from him." He said how Eddie Murphy was a great guy and role model and how "Eddie Murphy's son is like my best friend." Of #Ellen Degeneres, he said, "She's very funny and sweet and she is constantly telling a lot of jokes".

Marc also has done a lot of voice overs as a child actor and even up until this day. He said he liked doing them but "They are a little difficult because they show you is a storyboard so the creativity has to come through."

This Bronx actor's career is successfully transitioning into adulthood. At the age of 23, he just wrapped up filming a role in Brother Love, a movie executive-produced by Queen Latifah. Others in the film include Keke Palmer, Cory Hardict, Romeo Miller, Jay Lewis, Logan Browning, Malik Yoba and Faison Love. He also had a role in the recently-aired Cartoon Network movie entitled The Contest. It is a just had a movie that aired on Cartoon Network earlier this month called The Contest. This movie explores bullying. According to Stuart Snyder, President and COO of Cartoon Network, it is "their latest effort to help inspire more open discussion between kids, parents and educators about the issue of bullying." Visit the movie on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ContestMovie

Marc is also going behind the scenes and producing his own show, called South Brooklyn. The cast is not set yet but come back to SuzeeBehindtheScenes for updated information!

Aside from all of this Marc's biggest and most sincere project is what he is doing back in his own community. He has started his own acting school, to train and mentor kids that want to take a stab at show business. Visit the Marc John Jefferies Academy on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MarcJohnJefferiesJrActingClass.

And now for some vital facts:

Favorite Show to Binge Watch: Breaking Bad
Favorite Item off the McDonald's Menu: McDouble
Favorite Movies: It's a tie between  The Green Mile and Blood Diamond

Interview: Big Rich Personalities - Meet the Cast of Big, Rich Atlanta

Sitting next to Sharlinda Parker, Kahdijiha and Sabrina "Brie" Rowe was like chatting with a bunch of girlfriends. They were warm, personable, open and fun. Definitely  people that you would want to hang out with.

Of course, meeting anyone for the purpose of an interview is different than meeting them for a different reason, but I am a pretty good judge of character from being on this planet for so long, and these ladies were genuine. We were at the same event in NY with Perez Hilton and they were happy to talk about their new show. 

Because there are so many ways of getting on a reality show, my first question was, "How did you get on the show?" (And check back soon for my post, "How to Get on a Reality Show"). Their answer was what I had been finding lately: Kahdijiha said they were personally asked. This seems to be how a lot of people are getting on shows as of late.  This could be because producers are more particular about what kind of person they want for their show; perhaps they want to bring something new to the table or to duplicate a successful model. However, I have heard of many people turning down being on a reality show so I also think casting has become more difficult and specific.

Kahdijiha said that she had been recommended by people in Atlanta to the producers, "because they knew us and they knew my dad." She said, "My dad was an popular R & B singer from the R & B Band 112 (Quinnes "Q" Parker). "

I asked her how it was all going. She said, "I love being on the show because I get to work with my mother and my aunt. We all are business owners." Then we all chatted about how great it was to see women business owners on TV. 

I had not watched the show yet when I met them, but it just started airing January 23, 2013. These ladies were very positive and I do find that there are always aspects of the true personality that shine through no matter how hard they try to portray themselves as someone else. When I tuned in to  the show I could see that the ladies were playing themselves,  which is what they told me. Sharlinda said, 'What you see on the camera is real. You can't be happy all of the time, so you see the good and the bad, but we all rock on.".  

The show is pretty good. In addition to the three I met, other cast members are likeable as well. Harvin, Virginia and Meyer were also at the same event looking fabulous.  I watched a few episodes and there wasn't as much high drama as on the Real Housewives franchises but I am sure there is some to come. It airs on the Style Network. Visit www.stylenetwork.com for details.

Interview: Two - Time Emmy Winner Martha Byrne Dishes on Soaps

Martha was part of the As The World Turns cast for almost two decades. She grew up on the soap and is a respected actor and producer in the industry.  After ATWT went off the air, she put together her own "soap" on the Internet. This continuing drama, called "Gotham" is in the process now of production for broadcast TV as well as multiple digital platforms. With the resurgence of some popular soaps, and now the recent news that the OWN Network will now show them, Martha's show is at the forefront of the new wave of popularity for soaps. 

SBTS: What are your fondest memories of being on ATWT?

Read: http://www.suzeebehindthescenes.com/2013/06/interview-two-time-emmy-winner-martha.html

Interview: RHONJ Linda Speaks - You Gotta Shake Things Up!


Tips from the Gym...

In the RHONJ episode airing June 16th Teresa's friend Linda, who we had never heard from on the show, was at the gym that Teresa and Linda always worked out at and in popped Jaqueline, Melissa and Kathy who apparently had never been to that gym.  

Linda was dumbfounded. She immediately let Teresa know. And then the drama started. Read: