Feel-Good/Celeb Interviews

Feel-Good Interview Series: Six Things to Know About John Brotherton of Fuller House and Hallmark Channel's "Lights, Camera, Christmas!" - What He Watches and What He'd Be Doing if He Wasn't Acting

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Feel Good Interview: Get To Know Actor Tyler Jacob Moore of Hallmark's Series RIDE: 7 Things to Know About Him

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Feel-Good Interview Series - Actor/Singer Jessica Lowndes of 90210 and Dozens of Your Favorite TV Movies - Six Things to Know About Her

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Feel-Good Interview Series: Actor Markian Tarasiuk of Hallmark's Welcome to Valentine and E's Why Can't My Life Be a RomCom? - Six Things to Know About Him

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Feel-Good Interview Series: Actor Benjamin Ayres - Six Things to Know About Him

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Feel-Good Interview Series: Actor Carlo Marks of The Wedding Veil Inspiration, Chesapeake Shores, Christmas With The Darlings & More: He Talks about The Wedding Veil Inspiration and We Learn 6 Things About Him

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Feel-Good Interview Series: Five Things to Know about General Hospital's Tajh Bellow

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Feel-Good Interview Series: Meet Actor and Model Joseph Cannata - Seven Things to Know About Him and What You Can See Him In

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Feel-Good Interview Series: Meet Actor Marc Blucas: Seven Things to Know about him and Who He Did the "Maverick High-Five" With

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Feel-Good Interview- Actor Jillian Murray of Great American Family's "A Brush With Christmas" Talks about What She Watches, How She Unwinds and the Defining Moments in Her Career and Life

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Feel-Good Interview Series: Meet George Krissa of Hallmark's The Holiday Sitter - Five Things to Know About Him

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Feel-Good Interview Series: Five Things to Know about Actor Shannon Kook from Hallmark's A Big Fat Family Christmas, The 100 and Degrassi - Including How He Feels about Asian Voices on Screen

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Feel-Good Interview Series: Meet Chandler Massey from Days of Our Lives and Hallmark - Six Things to Know About Him

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Feel-Good Interview Series: Meet British Actor Will Kemp from Hallmark Movies - Five Things to Know About Him

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Feel-Good Interview Series: Get to Know Actor Brennan Elliott

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Feel Good Interview Series: Get to Know Trevor Donovan - His Deal with GAC, What He Watches and More


Feel Good Interview Series - Get to Know Actor Ektor Rivera - From Broadway to Hallmark and More


"Feel Good" Interview Series: Actor Tyler Harlow of Marry Me in Yosemite on Hallmark Channel - Ten Things and More to Know About Him

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Feel Good Interview Series: Get to Know Actor Jesse Hutch of Christmas in Toyland and Love, Bubbles & Chrystal Cove


Feel Good Interview Series: Meet TV Film Actor Franco Lo Presti - He Talks Soccer, His Favorite Films and More


Feel Good Interview Series - Actor Julian Haig of New Rom Com Love in Bloom on Great American Family - Get to Know Him

"Feel Good" Interview Series: Get to Know Ashley Williams: Her Movies, How She Spends Her Time, Her Words of Wisdom and Her New Initiative to Help Females In Film


Feel Good" Interview Series: Get to Know Carlos and Alexa PenaVega - 25 Things to Know about This Super Couple

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Summer "Feel Good" Interview Series: Get to Know Actor Benjamin Hollingsworth of Hallmark's A Splash of Love Movie, Virgin River

Summer "Feel Good" Interview Series: Get To Know Matt Cornett of Disney's High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and Zombies 3

Summer Feel Good Interview Series: Get to Know Actor Marcus Rosner, Starring in Hallmark's New Movie Romance to the Rescue

Summer Feel Good Interview Series: Get to Know Actor Matt Hamilton Who Stars in Hallmark Channel's New Christmas in July Movie "Campfire Christmas"

Summer Feel Good Interview Series: Get to Know Actor Kevin McGarry: Now Starring in Hallmark Channel's New Christmas In July Movie "My Grown Up Christmas List"

Summer Feel Good Interview Series: Get to Know Actor Tyler Hynes from Hallmark Movies & TV - His Work, His Fave Shows, How He Relaxes, Fave Foods & More

Summer "Feel Good" Interview Series:  Actor/Musician Rob Mayes - His New Music, His Favorite Artist and Five More Things To Know About Him.  Read Here. 

Interview: Andrew Walker Talks about His New Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Movie "Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate" and Co-star Nikki DeLoach

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Interview with Olivia D'Abo of The Wonder Years - Her New film Angie: Lost Girls is Now Streaming 

Jane Widdop Stars as Angie in Angie: Lost Girls, A Powerful Film about Child Trafficking, See her in Showtime'sYellowJackets  https://www.suzeebehindthescenes.com/2021/03/jane.html

Interview with  Andrew Richardson: Meet This British Actor Who is Making a Splash in America in A Call to Spy, Martin Eden and More; He Talks How This Happened and Where He's Headed in What Will Surely Be a Very Successful Career 

Interview: Jon Lindstrom on his Many Roles on Screen and In Life: From General Hospital to Homeland to New Movies 

Interview: Patrick Fabian's Many Roles - From Better Call Saul, to Friends to Carole's Second Act Plus the Secret to Staying Alive in Hollywood

Interview: Torrei Hart Talks about Her New Film Hollywould Now Available to Stream - and why her Life Experience Can Help Others


Interview with RJ Hatanaka - This Canadian Actor is Achieving International Success with HBO, Hallmark's When Hope Calls, Global TV's Nurses and More 

Winnie Cooper: Danica McKellar is the Definition of Sweet Success - Get to Know More about this Charming and Smart Christmas Movie Superstar (Includes Video)

Interview with the Versatile Actor Tim Rozon: A Man in the Middle of Many Fandoms - From Wynonna Earp to Schitt's Creek to Hallmark's Christmas Town  & More


Interview: Entertainer Vincent Pastore Talks About his Present, his Past and Most Importantly the Legacy of the The Sopranos Family and His Own

Interview with Actor Jeff Hephner: On Being Adrian in Newest Film An Acceptable Loss,  A Proud Michigander and A Girl's Basketball Coach
Read: https://www.suzeebehindthescenes.com/2019/01/interview-with-actor-jeff-hephner-on.html

Interview: Actor Desmin Borges Talks His Experience Playing Edgar Quintero on Who's The Worst Now Streaming - What He Learned About Vets, PTSD 

Interview with Actor/Producer David Alan Basche: On Hatching an Egg, Being Married to A Warden, Raising Kids and Being A Really Neat Guy
Click:  https://www.suzeebehindthescenes.com/2019/02/interview-with-actor-david-alan-basche.html

Interview: Actress/Activist/Producer/Entreprenuer Alysia Reiner of Orange is the New Black and Better Things: Read about her Upcoming Film Egg, Life, The Women's Movement, Her Favorite Shows and More

Interview: DriverX Movie's Patrick Fabian - Why He Relates to His Character in this Movie about Second Chapters and Chances

Interview: Tanya Clarke of Driver X The Movie: From Soaps to the Big Screen and Now as Queen Rynda on Marvel's Inhumans

Interview: Soap Star Cady McClain Forges New Career as Director: She's On Trend with New Doc Seeing is Believing: Women Direct

RHONJ's Amber Marchese: The Real Cancer Story Behind This Real Housewife - "I Looked Like a Turnip" - How She Would Like to Save a Life with Her Story

Interview: Bette Midler's Daughter Sophie Von Haselberg- From China to Wall Street She's Forging Her Own Path in Show Business - See Her in Wall Street Thriller Equity

Interview: Movie Producer/Actress Sarah Megan Thomas of Backwards and Equity Movie  

Interview - Loving's Christopher Mann: On Growing Up, Going Places Unplanned and Where He's Headed Next

Interview: Meet Stephanie Little from Amazon's The Other F Word - "Theres's SO Much More Wisdom at This Stage of the Game."

Interview with General Hosptial and Fear of the Walking Dead Flight 462's Kathleen Gati: From Port Charles to the Not-So-FriendlySkieshttp://www.suzeebehindthescenes.com/2016/02/interview-with-general-hospital-and.html

Interview: Christina Milian of E's "Turned Up" Talks Growing Up in in Jersey at her Viva Diva Wine's Signing, Gives Advice for Aspiring Singers

Interview: Trent Dawson from As The World Turns Talks About His Role On NCIS

Interview: Broadway's Christian Borle Helps Makes Indie Film "Shutterflies" a Smash Hit

Tony-Award Winner Christian Borle in Shutterflies
It says a lot about an actor who would do a film for unknowns, let alone kids.

But Christian Borle helped out a friend of his he met on the set of  NBC's Smash, Jeff Muhlstock, whose 17-year old son was making a movie with another 17-year-old, without hesitation.

“I saw the script and I loved it”, Christian said.  "It was mini Quentin Tarantino-ish.”. But he added, “Jeff, and I have a great relationship. I would have done it anyway."
To read:  http://www.suzeebehindthescenes.com/2014/05/interview-christian-borle-helps-make.html

JerseyGirl RHONJ Teresa Giudice Talks Jersey Shore      
                              by Suzanne Ordas Curry

There are some things that bind us to each other, that create our common culture. Given that we are one big nation, yet a composite of many states, our common culture varies from one part of the country to another. In New Jersey, and I believe some neighboring states, one thing that binds us together is the place where most of us have some of the fondest memories of our lives, the enduring Jersey Shore.

Interview: Two - Time Emmy Winner Martha Byrne Dishes on Soaps

Interview: RHONJ Linda Speaks - You Gotta Shake Things Up!


Tips from the Gym...

In the RHONJ episode airing June 16th Teresa's friend Linda, who we had never heard from on the show, was at the gym that Teresa and Linda always worked out at and in popped Jaqueline, Melissa and Kathy who apparently had never been to that gym.  

Linda was dumbfounded. She immediately let Teresa know. And then the drama started. Read: