Monday, March 31, 2014

Actress Martha Byrne Take on Two New Roles: NBC’s Crisis Role Coincides with New Role as CASA for Children Spokesperson

 Watch Martha Byrne on Crisis April 6th, also appearing at Casino Night for Bergen CASA April 8th. Tickets still available.
Martha Byrne is Spokesperson for Bergen CASA
If you’re a fan of TV, have watched NBC in the past month, or been on YouTube, you’ve probably seen the suspenseful promo for NBC’s newest crime thriller Crisis, starring Dermot Mulroney, Gillian Anderson, Rachel Taylor and Lance Gross.
In those intriguing commercials one may see a very compelling scene of a woman with a row of bombs strapped to her waist, standing in the lobby of the CIA, hysterical, about to push the button on the detonator in her right hand. She emits a terrifying, “Help me”. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

NBC Crisis Episode 1 Recap: If You Are Watching This, I am Dead - Airdate 3-23-14

If you missed the official first episode after the series premiere, here's the recap. The premise of the show is starting to unravel, but we still don't know the reasons for anything. Read on:
                                                                                                                       Recap by Diane Hunstein

(Finley) Lance Gross saved a student in the series premiere. Turns out
the boy is quite a know-it-all.
The show opens with Meg Fitch and her attorney at a table filled with piles of cash. Meg is complying with the demands of the hostage takers, with the hope that they return her daughter Amber.  Meg’s attorney advises her to disclose the deal to the FBI, but she does not agree.  Finley and Anton are debriefed by the FBI, and  Agent Dunn seems skeptical of Finley’s account of the abduction.  Gibson calls the Pakistani Ambassador, asking “what will you do

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Recap of Series Premiere: NBC’s New Crime Thriller “Crisis” Puts You On the Edge of Your Seat

SuzeeBehindtheScenes will be following some new shows. The first of many recaps to come is NBC’s new show “Crisis”. Some have described it as 24-like, but will it have that staying power? The first episode had twists and turns, and left you dangling. Read on....
                                                                                                                                                                    Recap by: Diane Hunstein
Ready?  Breathe in. 

The show opens with a man in a field, activating a security override on a computer while an FBI agent comes running toward him.

The next scene jumps to earlier in the day, with parents dropping their teenagers off at Ballard High School in Washington D.C.  The students are boarding a bus for a weekend field trip in New York for

Cake Boss Opens New Bakery in Morristown NJ, Grand Opening March 20

Photo: Love when another member of the TLC family stops by Carlo's Bakery! Here's Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium enjoying a St. Joseph Zeppole w/ Buddy Valastro! 

Photo credit: Buddy's InstagramReality Star Baker and Entrepreneur Buddy Valastro is expanding once again. I've been to the Hoboken store, stood on line, and saw the show being taped there. It was a tourist attraction and worth the trip. I have not yet gotten to his Ridgewood location which opened about a year ago and now there's another to try, in Morristown. Here's the details on his new store: