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Interview with the Versatile Actor Tim Rozon: A Man in the Middle of Many Fandoms - From Wynonna Earp to Schitt's Creek to Hallmark's Christmas Town & More

Tim Rozon
By Suzanne Ordas Curry

Tim Rozon is the actor you've been seeing all over. Due to his rugged yet classicly handsome good looks, his command of the craft, his work ethic and his ability to become his character so effortlessly, he's found himself in the thick of several totally unrelated HUGE fan universes. 

As Doc Holliday on the internationally-successful Wynonna Earp on SyFy, he's a hit of the Earpers fandom. As the wayward son of Roland Schitt (say that name a few times!) on the clever comedy Schitt's Creek (which is being discovered every day on Netflix), he's well known for those fans who appreciate quirky comedy (think legendedary sitcoms like Seinfeld and Curb which this show will end up as). And just recently, he has embarked on a universe of fans that may or may not have any crossover to his other fan bases, the ever-expanding universe of the world of Halllmarkies. He's shot his first film for the network as the leading man for one of the queens of Hallmark, Candance Cameron Bure. What a way to get started on this platform! His film Christmas Town, premiered this month on Lifetime to rave reviews. 

Indeed, for this Canadian actor who is working at his passion regularly, he is living the dream, and he's often known for saying that. One of his biggest dreams came true recently. A comic book fan since he was a kid, he recently co-authoured with Beau Smith a series of Wynona Earp graphic novels. (You can find them on Amazon and wherever comic books are sold.) Yes, not only does he look good but he writes well too. Sitting on panels at Comic Cons, I think Tim often has to pinch himself to make sure this is indeed his reality.

Tim Rozon as the notorious Doc Holliday on #Wynonna Earp                Photo courtesy #Wynonna Earp

How did this happen? Well as an interviewer I can get a glimpse of his personality through the interview and through the process. Through a mutual friend (thanks Carole), Tim agreed right away to the interview, and he got the award for answering the questions faster than any interview I have ever done, less than a 24-hour turn around. To me, that speaks volumes about his dedication to his career, his work ethic, and his relationship with people he knows. Combine that with his mastery of acting and his good looks (oh, did I mention already how hot he is, my bad!) and you've got the reason why Tim Rozon is sizzling on screen. Read on for more about what got this man started in acting, what he values at the holidays and what movies he spends time with. 

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Suzee: When did the acting bug bite you? Do you remember what age you were, and was it an actor that inspired you or a specific play, tv show or movie that made you think, "That's what I want to be doing?"  

Tim Rozon: I watched River Phoenix in Stand By Me and that was it. He inspired me in a way no one ever did before. Even though I was fairly young I remember being aware at just how vulnerable River’s performance was. That same year I was in my elementary schools production of Oliver Twist. I was on stage and knew. This is it for me. 

Suzee: Wynonna Earp - I've read that you are a honest-to-goodness cowboy. What do you like about playing Doc Holliday? 

Tim Rozon: My literal dream was to play a cowboy. When the opportunity came up I jumped at it. I am always one hundred percent aware at just how lucky I am to get to play The Doc Holliday.  

Tim Rozon                                  Photo Courtesy Wynonna Earp Facebook

Suzee: What's the best part of being part of the Earper Fandom?

Tim Rozon:  The best part of the Earper fandom? Them. The Earpers. They’ve built something based on kindness and acceptance and I consider it an honour to call myself an Earper. 

Tim Rozon as Mutt on Schitt's Creek- when he had his beard!                            Photo from Schitt's Creek Facebook

Suzee: About Schitts Creek - You're very versatile as an actor, including being able to deliver a solid comedic line. Was there ad-libbing onset of Schitt's Creek? 

Tim Rozon: The writing on Schitts Creek so brilliant that I never felt I needed to ad lib. I also learned that a lot of comedy comes from staying quiet and just reacting to the other characters being funny. 

Watch Tim on Schitt's Creek:

Suzee: What was it like working with such legends in person? 

Tim Rozon: Watching Eugene and Catherine working together was such a privilege. They have comedy down to a science. They can change the whole timing of a scene with the simple inflection of a word or even a syllable. It’s crazy. They’re truly legends. Dan and Annie aren’t far behind and so brilliant together. It’s a really, really well cast show. Everyone is amazing and given a chance to shine. 

Tim Rozon plays the romantic lead with Candace Cameron Bure on Hallmark's Christmas Town
Photo Courtesy Hallmark

Christmas Town - As I just attended the first ever Christmas Con replete with Hallmark actors, I will ask you what was asked of just about all the HM actors -What is your favorite Christmas activity or tradition with your family?

Tim Rozon: For me, Christmas is about being with family or people. Just being together. I always liked Christmas Day. I remember lots of people and family always being around. That’s a good feeling. 

Suzee: I heard you had a crush on Candace Cameron Bure as a youngster - what was it like working with her? 

Tim Rozon: I only had two channels growing up and I never missed two shows. Full House and Beverly Hills 90210. Getting to work with Candace was a dream come true. She’s also really down to earth in person and a great actor to work with. She’s just amazing with the crew and other actors. She’s just a great person. Hallmark was a truly lovely experience. I will cherish it. 

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Suzee: I always wonder what films actors like! Off the top of your head, what's your top five films of  all times?

LEGO Movie. 
Tommy Boy.
Romeo and Juliet. 
Before Sunrise.
Moulin Rouge. 

Suzee: Last question. What's the last show you binged on?

Tim Rozon: Fleabag. I just loved everything about Fleabag. 

Tim Rozon has a lot more going on. He's on a series called Diggstown, just completed a movie called Beginner's Luck and is in a TV show called Vagrant Queen. So, pick a channel and find Tim.
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