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The LIBBY Show: 
Lunch with the Ladies
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Season 1 Episodes:

Episode 1: Best Shows to Binge!
In one of the first shows, the ladies give their suggestions on the best titles to binge. Find out what kept them occupied during the pandemic and suggestions for the future. How many have you seen?

Episode 2 : Talking about The Wonder Years with Olivia D'Abo
Olivia D'Abo, who played Kevin Arnold's older sister in this iconic TV show, dishes on what it was like to be a child actor. Then, she tells us about her home in England growing up with visitors like Elton John and the Beatles.

Episode 3: Pandemic Antics and What the Ladies Did
The ladies share what tasks and hobbies they did during the pandemic, what they learned and what their future plans are. Gratitude is key.

Episode 4: Amanda Baker of the CW and General  Hospital Guest Hosts
CW Actor and Soap veteran Amanda Baker joins the ladies. They talk about her work on movies and TV, and how she juggles it all as a mom. Hear about "working mom guilt" and little girls and tea parties.. then find out what help she thinks moms really need.

Episode 5: 9-11 Widow and Co-Host Iliana Guibert McGinnis Shares Her Story
In this touching and powerful episode, Iliana recounts the day she lost her husband in the World Trade Center. We talk to a therapist who gives us ways to deal with grief, and we give tribute to those who were lost. 

Episode 6: Maureen Van Zandt & Joanna Bonaro Interview and We Discuss Just Exactly What a Podcast Is
The ladies talk to The Sopranos' Maureen Van Zandt and Joanna Bonaro of the Around the Sun Podcast, and are joined but its creator Brad Forenza. Aside from talking podcasts, we get some revealing information on what it is like to be married to a rock star and what the set of the Sopranos was really like. 

Episode 7: Messalina's Baby Shower
Co-host Messalina Morley Alton is having a baby and we give her a baby shower. We also find out how baby showers have changed, not just because of the pandemic but just because the world has changed since the hosts all gave birth.

Episode 8: A Better You with Dr. Koh
For "women of a certain age" health becomes a priority and it should be. Dr. Elsie Koh gives us some fabulous and easy ideas on how older women- or anyone - can help to keep themselves healthy and happy.

Episode 9: Soap Icon Cady McClain Talks Soaps and Behind the Camera
Three-time Daytime Emmy-winning Actor/Director Cady McClain (Days, As The World Turns, All My Children) has a chat with the ladies about growing up, her time on the soaps, and the directing and project she has going on now. 

Episode 10: Actress Jearnest Corchado of the Peacock Movie The Real Housewives of the North Pole
The young and talented actress and singer Jearnest Corchado talks about her role in the Christmas movie The Real Housewives of the North Pole on Peacock. She tells us about her life in Puerto Rico and how she landed the part. We also get to hear her sing!

Episode 11: Jonathan Bennett Interview Live from Christmas Con
In this interview Jonathan Bennett talks about how proud he is of his movies on the Hallmark Channel and how he hosts New Year's Eve.

Episode 12:  Ashley Williams Interview Live from Christmas Con
Ashley is the actress in Christmas movies that is always smiling and we love her in them. We talk about her Christmas and other movies on Hallmark and working with her sister.

Episode 13:  Eric Mabius Interview Live from Christmas Con
Signed, sealed and delivered straight to us is one of our favorite actors from Christmas movies, Eric Mabius. He talks Hallmark, his series, his movies, what he does for the holidays and more.

Episode 14: Jen Lilley Interview Live from Christmas Con
We were not "expecting" to get a chance to speak to Actress Jen Lilley, but we got a chance to chat with her about all of her heartwarming holiday movies at Christmas Con. She also talks about her family and her new "projects."

Episode 15: Caroline Rhea Interview Live from Christmas Con
Caroline Rhea is most known for her role on Sabrina The Teenage Witch, but she's just about everywhere else including holiday movies. This talented and super nice actress and comedian just keeps on going strong. Listen to her talk about her holidays, her projects and more in this fun interview.

Episode 16: The Hosts Compile a List of their Favorite Holiday Movies
The ladies take this seriously. Watch as they all talk about their favorite holiday movies and why. It will make you want to watch them right now. But we're not giving away any hints, you have to watch to the end to find out which ones made their Top Twelve.

Interview: Maureen Van Zandt of the Sopranos and Joanna Bonaro Chat with The Ladies of The LIBBY Show - Hear about The Sopranos, Their Podcasts, New York City Life and More

Actress, dancer, podcast host and producer Maureen Van Zandt (The Sopranos, Lilyhammer) dishes all about her wedding to Steven Van Zandt, her relationship with the Beatles, her new podcast and so much more as she chats with the ladies of THE LIBBY Show on the episode: What is a Podcast

View Show Here: 

The LIBBY SHOW: Now Available to Stream on Youtube

Update: With a soft launch in April 2021, the first ten episodes will officially launch on December 1, 2021 on the official Youtube Channel.

There's a brand new talk show in town. But this one's unique. It's a talk show for ladies over a certain age. Yup, ladies with a few wrinkles and grey hairs. 

The show will feature five co-hosts, Suzanne Ordas Curry (a film producer), Beth Abramson Brier (a screenwriter), Iliana Guibert (actress/filmmaker), Messalina Morley Alton (actress/screenwriter) and Zonie Le Sane (professional).  The press release states that all of the hosts are over a certain age, but one of the hosts will always be a tad bit younger to keep them all current, because the beauty of being older is that although you know a lot, you also realize there's a lot you don't know. For example, one of the segments will be "Who is this?", where the ladies try to figure out who people are (think musical guests on SNL!)

Topics will include entertainment, families, shopping, arts, music, film, children, causes, aging, Broadway, health, the environment, living and more. The show's goal is to "talk about topics that unite us". There will be little political talk.

Guest co-hosts will appear throughout the season. Guests will include well-known actors, doctors, wellness specialists, filmmakers, non-profit pioneers, life coaches and other professionals. The show will also feature real woman talking about their unique experiences in life.

                  Youtube Link:

The first guest will be actress/filmmaker Cady McClain. The show will have a soft launch on Youtube in June 2021. You can subscribe to the channel The Libby Show: LunchWithTheLadies on Youtube. It will also be available on other platforms in the coming months.

Suzanne Ordas Curry, who also serves as Executive Producer, states, "I am surprised that there is no show right now, that I can think of, that serves this audience. We're not boomers, but we're not millenials. We have spending power and our voices matter. We hope to connect, inspire, empower, inform and entertain people of all ages, but especially women in the middle of their lives." Just call us LIBBYS - "Ladies Living in their Best Years."