Friday, June 4, 2021

Review of Disney's Cruella: Just Pure Fun and Entertainment with Astounding Performances by Emma Stone and Emma Thompson and Lest Not Forget the Costumes are Works of Art

By Ashton Samson

3.5/5 🌝🌝🌝🌛 

Cruella, the new film by director Craig Gillespie, is witty, glamorous and dark, showcasing the phenomenal talent of Emma Stone and Emma Thompson. It’s definitely a fun time for all. That the film is pure fun and not really much else is essential knowledge to gain before heading into it. 

There is certainly nothing overtly philosophical or thematically relevant to discuss with this movie. If someone is looking to watch a movie with social or political undercurrents, with metaphors and symbolism ablaze and an underlying message at its core, Cruella is not for you. I suppose a case could be made for the point of the film being about how to create sympathy for an antihero, someone who has none of the conventional aspects of a hero in place and yet seems destined for heroic status. However, it is best not to read into it too much. Movies don’t always have to be deep or philosophical because sometimes, it's just as entertaining to sit back and have a good time.

A great deal of what makes Cruella so much fun is witnessing the power struggle between the title character, played by an entrancing Emma Stone and the baroness played by the always reliable Emma Thompson. Watching two remarkably talented women attempting to one up each other throughout most of the runtime has never been so deliciously riveting and captivating.