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Feel-Good Interview: Broadway's Ryan Vasquez of "The Notebook", "Hamilton" , "Waitress", and More - 8 Things to Know About Him

By: Markos Papadatos, #Powerjournalist

Ryan Vasquez stars as "Middle Noah" in the new musical "The Notebook" on Broadway opposite Joy Woods as the "Middle Allie." He has starred in Broadway productions of "Hamilton," "The Wrong Man," "Waitress," "Wicked," as well as "Water for Elephants" in Georgia, and "The Outsiders" production in California.
For his performance in "The Wrong Man," Vasquez earned a Drama Desk nomination for "Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musica" back in 2020. In addition, he writes and produces his own music. 
He shared eight fun and exciting things about himself.

His Favorite Movies

His favorite films include “Catch Me If You Can” and the supernatural horror film “Talk to Me.”

Favorite series to Binge-watch

His favorite series to binge is “Search Party” on HBO Max. “I’ve watched it a few times and I love it,” he admitted.

Ryan Vasquez' Favorite Cheat Meal

“I love to bake,” he noted. “I have some strawberry brownies in the fridge with the strawberry puree as a base. They are really good.”

Ryan's Favorite Sports to Watch and to Play

“I love watching basketball and I play it every single day. I’ve been a fan of the league my whole life. It’s the only sport I follow but I love it.”

His Favorite Music

“I am really into the Killer Mike album ‘Michael,’ which won the Grammy for Best Hip Hop Album, which is a great album, and I love the new Beyonce country album ‘Cowboy Carter’.”

Best Thing about Being The Age He is Now

On the best thing about being his age at this stage of his live, Vasquez revealed, “I love it. I thought I was going to be stressed when I turned 30 and I actually feel I am exactly where I belong. I feel I have so much life ahead and I’ve learned so much. I am really coming up for air in terms of being myself. I am unafraid to be myself now, which is nice.”

How Ryan Unwinds

In order to unwind and relax, Vasquez shared that he enjoys board games. “I am really into the game ‘Spirit Island’ right now. It’s really cool and so are Terror-forming Mars and Cascadia. These are the three games that I am really into right now,” he said.

“I am into world and domestic politics, and I do a lot of political organizing, and that is actually therapeutic for me because it allows me to have a wider lens,” he added.

His Superpower of Choice

Vasquez would have the superpower "to facilitate community building."

If Ryan Vasquez was not an Actor...

As his alternate career choice, he noted that he would have been a “journalist.” “I would love really that; that is such a responsibility, and it has such an impact,” he said.

His Definition of Success

For Vasquez, success means having contentment in life, as well as the ability to be stress-free.

To learn more about actor and Broadway performer Ryan Vasquez, follow him on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Julieta Cervantes

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