Friday, February 28, 2020

Interview: Torrei Hart Talks about Her New Film Hollywould Now Available to Stream - and why her Life Experience Can Help Others

By Suzanne Ordas Curry

The beautiful Torrei Hart is an actress, producer, momprenuer and role model. This talented, busy and hard-working  young woman and mother of two is forging a name for herself in entertainment.

Torrie Hart at Premiere of  Hollywould Movie
Despite a breakup with husband comedian Kevin Hart (the two met in college) and being in the limelight, she remains a genuine, positive, gracious lady who wants to make a difference in the world, specifically in the lives of other women. With a bevy on IMDB credits to her name as well as 5 projects just in 2019, she still has time to work on her organization S.O.A.R, whose goal is to help women overcome diversity

I had the pleasure of meeting her on the busy and bustling Red Carpet at the 2019 Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival in Ridgewood, NJ when she was there for the premiere of  the film Hollywould,  a film by Joshua Coates, in which she has a starring role. This is her second role in a film by Coates, having also been in But Deliver Us From Evil. Hollywould starting rolling out on major streaming platforms as of February 18, 2020.

In the new thriller movie Hollywould, Torrei plays Janice Allen (and Helen Boil), a psychiatrist who is integral to the main character in the movie. Without giving any spoilers, it's an ending you won't see coming. Also starring in Hollywould is Oscar-nominated Eric Roberts, Peter Postiglione and Caitlyn Fletcher.

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Torrei talked about her role. She said, "I play a psychiatrist. It was fun and challenging... I like to do things that are challenging."

Torrei Hart                                                                             Photos by Suzanne Ordas Curry

In her personal life, Torrei stated how she "likes to mentor women."  She explained,  "As most people know, I came from a very public divorce, with Kevin Hart. It didn't work out, but that's okay. We're incredible at co-parenting."

She said, "So a lot of women reached out to me. In particular, there was one women who was on the verge of suicide, because she was in a relationship for a year and  her husband left her. And I told her, listen, things happen in life. You can't destroy yourself over any situation or anybody. And I called her, and we talked. And I still speak to her. That's just one situation."

She continued, "There have been times when I was down, it was bad, But everything I've been thourgh makes me the woman I am today."

Before she left, she put in a plug for her home state, the lovely Garden State on NJ. She said, "You know I actually grew up in Jersey. I'm from South Jersey. I am a Jersey Girl!"

Torrie Hart having fun on the Red Carpet at the Ridgewood Guild Film Festival
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