Monday, May 22, 2023

Feel-Good Interview Series: Get to Know Actor and Author of "Walking with Sam" Andrew McCarthy - 6 Things To Know About Him

By Markos Papadatos, #PowerJournalist

Andrew McCarthy is an acclaimed actor, director and travel writer. He is best known as a member of the "Brat Pack." He has starred in such films as St. Elmo's Fire, Pretty in Pink, Heaven Help Us, and Less Than Zero. He is also known for his directing work on the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black. This talented and popular actor is listed at No. 40 on VH1's "100 Greatest Teen Stars" of all-time.

Earlier this month, McCarthy released his new travel book titled "Walking With Sam," where he talks about his experiences walking 500 miles across Spain's Camino de Santiago with Sam, his eldest son. McCarthy shared that his goal with this new book is for the fans and readers to find it "relatable." "It's a book about parenting and an internal journey about getting to know yourself as a parent, and getting to know your kid," McCarthy explained.
The new book is available on Amazon by clicking here.
Favorite Movies
"I love 'A Place in the Sun' with Montgomery Clift. I think that's a great movie, and I love 'The Godfather' of course," he said. "From my own movies, I think 'Weekend at Bernie's' is the most fun. I remember 'Airplane' being very funny, and it had a huge effect on me. I thought it was a terrific movie at the time but I don't think they would be allowed to make 'Airplane' now, I think it would be considered inappropriate now," he added.
Favorite Series to Binge-watch
"I enjoyed watching the spy thriller 'Slow Horses' on Apple TV+ with Gary Oldman. I thought that was terrific recently, it was a good spy show. I really liked watching 'Shrinking,' I thought it was quick fun," he said.

Favorite Sports to Watch and to Play
"I like to watch basketball and baseball," he said. "I also love to play golf with my friends, and I play basketball with my sons."
Favorite Motto to Live By
McCarthy revealed that his favorite motto to live by is simply to "Show Up!"
Favorite Cheat Meal
He listed "pizza" as his favorite cheat meal. "I cheat a lot too," he admitted.
Dream Acting Partners
His dream acting partners include the late but great Montgomery Clift and Academy Award winner Gary Oldman.
Opening Photo Credit: Jesse Ditmar