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Interview: Andrew Walker Talks about His New Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Movie "Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate" and Co-star Nikki DeLoach

 By: Markos Papadatos

Actor Andrew Walker spoke about starring in the new Hallmark mystery “Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate." He stars opposite Nikki DeLoach (“Cranberry Christmas”). This all-new mystery premiered  Sunday, April 10 at 9 p.m. EST on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. 

"Nikki is amazing in this movie," Walker said, praising his luminous onscreen acting partner. 


"It was the best movie that I have ever done on the Hallmark Channel, for sure, because it was so different," he said. "It was a character that I haven't been able to play before." 

"We really wanted to push the suspense and mystery aspect of it. A big portion of the movie takes place in the police station. We wanted to keep it moving and to keep it interesting," he elaborated. 

"This is my fourth movie with Nikki DeLoach so we already had the trust of the viewers," he admitted. "My character is a detective that leaves San Francisco to go to a small town. He was recently divorced and he is carrying a big burden. I wanted to approach it like Matthew McConaughey would 'True Detective' or 'Mare of Easttown'. My character is not a warm, fuzzy guy. He is very standoffish." 

"It was a lot of fun though because Nikki and I had a creative flow," he added. 


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"The way I look at it is that this movie can be the first of 18 novels," he said. "If it does well and if people respond well, it may lead to more films." 

Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker in 'Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate.
Photo Courtesy of Crown Media.

The synopsis is as follows: Goldy (played by Nikki DeLoach), a spirited single mom, is thrust into the role of town sleuth to help solve a friend’s mysterious death. 


With the clock ticking to find the culprit, Goldy strikes up an unlikely partnership with Detective Tom Schultz (Walker), who leans into Goldy’s local knowledge. But just as their relationship shows signs of becoming something more, the suspect list rises. Will Goldy narrow in on the killer before the killer narrows in on her? 


A preview of “Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate” may be seen below. Or visit here.

“Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate” is from Timeless Pictures Basset Hound Distribution Production Company. Ben Silverman, Alexandre Coscas, and Michael R. Goldstein serve as executive producers with Cynde Harmon as producer. Anthony Metchie directed the film from a script by Erinne Dobson and John Christian Plummer. It is based on the books “Catering to Nobody” and “Dying for Chocolate” by Diane Mott Davidson. 

Walker concluded "In Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate," "We are bringing something to Hallmark that has never been seen before. This is something  that people are going to be pleasantly surprised, especially to see the dynamic between Nikki and myself." 


To learn more about actor Andrew Walker, follow him on Instagram. 

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