Sunday, July 20, 2014

Why Carly Blaney from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Really CAN Dance: Advice from a Dance Mom and Dance Dad

Carly Blaney from #SYTYCD        Photo courtesy Facebook

Jersey Girl Carly Blaney of Wyckoff sure can dance, and she's been sizzling up the stage on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance.

But just how did this girl go from from a tutu and toe shoes to one of America's hottest new dancers?  We talked to Carly's parents, Liz and Kevin, of course! Read on about how she did it, her perseverance and drive and how young dancers with a dream can make it happen for them too.

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Suzee: When did Carly express a desire to dance, and what did you do about it?

 Mom and Dad: Carly expressed an interest to dance prior to her second birthday  Her older sister Amanda (by 4 years) was taking dance classes and it seemed to pique Carly's curiosity. I think Carly liked the dress-up part of dance first. She would ALWAYS wear a tutu. Whether going out to the stores or picking her sister up from school she would be seen wearing it and she seemed to love the attention she received from wearing it. As soon as she was old enough, I believe age 2 1/2, we enrolled her in dance classes.

Friday, July 18, 2014

RHONJ Season 6 Kicks off with Local Party in NJ: Dina Manzo, Melissa & Joe Gorga, Teresa Giudice and Newcomer Amber Marchese Attend Viewing Party/Fundraiser for Project Ladybug and Deborah Hospital Foundation

What a better way to kick off Season 6 of the RHONJ than to view the debut episode with them?                                            by Suzanne Ordas Curry

Dina Manzo
Several of thee RHONJ from this new season, Dina Manzo, Teresa Giudice, Amber Marchese and Melissa Gorga, attended a a  Viewing Party at Pure Parsipiany in Parsippany, NJ. The party was a chance to meet the ladies as well as some of  the men of the RHONJ. The party was billed as a fundraiser, with proceeds going to to benefit two wonderful charities, Dina Manzo's Project Ladybug (which helps children with cancer and other diseases) and the Deborah Heart and Lunch Foundation, a rather weld-know charity among Jerseyans.

It was a hot night, and party-goers had to wait just a little while outside to get in. But it was way cool in the lounge, because that's where the HOUSEWIVES were. There was ample seating, a vibrant atmosphere and lots of TV's. As predicted there was not one FIFA game or wrap-up on anyone of them (even though it was the day of he championship). BRAVO was on all of them.  Andy would have been proud. Now that's my kind of sports lounge..

There were hor douvres being passed; lots of sushi, something in a cone-shaped pastry and edaname. There was a cupcake tower which surprisingly did not all get eaten until the very end. Each guest received a ticket for a glass of Teresa Giudice's Fabbelini, mine was peachy and sparkling and quite refreshing.

Melissa Gorga
There were two areas. One was a general area by the bar and then there was an area semi- roped off that had tables in it. Curtains demarcated the area. This must have been for VIP's but I do not recall a separate VIP fee. For most of the night the RHONJ were stationed in that area, however they all came out to mingle. Except Theresa. Dina Manzo, is a striped color  block and white dress came out many times to mingle and pose with the fans. Melissa, dressed in a summer white dress, did as well. Amber was in and out and very accessible to her new fans also.

There were times when guests could enter the roped-off area, and all the housewvies there were willing to take picutres. Joe Gorga was happy to pose, in fact, I do think he charmed all the ladies as he posed with them. It was pretty hot at the party, but especially by Joe because all the ladies were hovering. At one point Joe shouted, "No one told me this was a SAUNA PARTY!".

Melissa always takes a good photo. I got the chance to ask her if we would hear her singing on the show this year. She said, "You won't see it on the show this year, but I've been working on them outside."

Fans Jen & Barb came from the Poconos
But where was Teresa?  MIA was Mrs. Giudice. I had talked to some of the guests and they said they they got a photo of her earlier, but I was there quite early and I didn't see her at all, just her husband.  Ironically, I got an email in my inbox two days later inviting me to another event of hers a a local restaurant named Cielo's. The invite said,  "In case you didn't get a photo with her on Sunday." This was unusual because at every event I have been at with her she is ALWAYS available, kind and ready to pose for photos for fans so there must have been a good reason.

Amber Marchese
The new girl Amber was very friendly and happy to meet the fans. She looked great with her hair pulled back tight in a ponytail and little black dress, a different look than she had on the show that night. I asked her, I talked to her briefly and about her bout with breast cancer, and she said how she "wanted to get the word out about it and is happy to talk about it." This is not a happy subject to tackle on a show meant to be entertaining, but I was glad to see so far that it will be a topic.

As for other story lines this year, I've read that some of the ladies will not be friends after this season! What? Really? You must mean another show?

Tune in to BRAVO for more entertainment on the RHONJ Season 6.
To read about and view photos and videos from Dina's last Project Ladybug fundraiser click here;

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hard Choices: Hillary Clinton Comes to North Jersey To Sign New Book: Over 800 Line Up at Bookends in Ridgewood

Hillary Clinton, Author of Hard Choices        Photos Suzanne Ordas Curry
It didn't seem to matter that it was hot out and the wait was several hours, over 800 people decided it was a good choice to show up in downtown Ridgewood July 17 to meet Hillary Rodham Clinton and have them sign a copy of her new book, 
Hard Choices.

Secret Service, bomb-sniffing dogs, and lots of police were there in the afternoon to prepare the way for the former First Lady and Secretary of State. The book signing was scheduled for 6-8pm. Purchasers were assured that she would sign everyone's book and she did. The process was quite orderly.

She arrived through the back entrance about 5:45pm, started signing after 6pm and around 8:30 pm she was still inside finishing up the maybe 100 or so people that were still waiting.

CASA for Children of Bergen County To Participate in NBC New York/NY Giants/Quest Health and Fitness Expo at Metlife Stadium: Spokesperson Actress Martha Byrne of NBC's Crisis to Appear

The NBC NY/NYGiants/Quest Health and Fitness
Expo Runs July 19-20th. See link at end of article
for more info.
NJ - CASA for Children of Bergen County will be participating in the NY Giants/NBC New York Health and Fitness Expo at Metlife Stadium this weekend. CASA's celebrity spokesperson, Emmy-winning actress Martha Byrne will be appearing at the event on Saturday from 10am to 3pm. The event is free.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

INTERVIEW: Author A. J. Colucci Delves Into the Eerie World of Plants With New Novel Seeders- Book Signing at Paramus Barnes and Noble July 17th

may find it hard to believe that behind the walls of a modest, Cape Cod-styled house perched on a tree-lined country road in suburbia lives a novelist who could put us on the edge of our seats with just a few words. With tales of armies of mutant ants attacking the greatest city in the world, devouring human flesh in just minutes to a new novel  about killer plants altering the minds of people stranded on an island where madness quickly turns to vicious murder  one would think that AJ Colucci lives in some dark, ivy-covered house high upon a hill that no trick-or treater would dare to visit.

But author AJ Colucci doesn't. She's a suburban soccer mom, traipsing her kids about town, active in school organizations, hosting backyard BBQ's, but with a creative mind so much on overdrive that she has three books written and two more in the works.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Event: Critically-Acclaimed Thriller Novelist AJ Colucci Launches New Book Seeders with Book Signing/Giveaways at Barnes and Noble in Paramus, NJ July 15th

Seeders, the new novel by AJ Colucci
NY/NJ – On a remote Canadian island, George Brookes, a brilliant but reclusive plant biologist, may have achieved the most monumental breakthrough in science: communication between plants and humans. After his mysterious death, five heirs arrive for the reading of his will, but within days, the island begins to have strange and violent effects on the group and they realize George may have unleashed a sinister force far more deadly than any human.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

View: NJ Resident Rosie O'Donnell Takes a Seat on THE VIEW Next Season

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NJ Resident, comedienne and actress Rosie O'Donnell will rejoin THE VIEW next season. Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd have left two vacant seats, and now we know who will fill one of them.

Rosie O'Donnell had her own show for six seasons from 1996-2002. I am a big fan of daytime TV and I loved this show. It was humorous, educational and controversial. Amidst the clutter of dating shows and who the baby daddy is her show was filled with thoughtful commentary. I think this is a much needed push for the show since both Jenny and Sherri left and Elizabeth Hasselback, Joy Behar land Barbara Walters are gone..

Rosie has not left TV since she left her show. While raising her family she has still been active with her own show and has made many appearances on many TV shows, including such hit shows as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Drop Dead Diva, Nip/Tuck and Will and Grace.

And who could forget her in A League of Their Own or Sleepless in Seattle. Welcome Back.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Real Housewives of NJ Return for Season 6 July 13th: RHONJ Viewing Party at Pure Parsippany Doubles as Fundraiser for Dina Manzo's Project Ladybug and Deborah Hospital

Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo at Project Ladybug Fundraiser
Article written by and photos by Suzanne Ordas Curry

THEY'RE BAAACCKKK!  Well, not all of them. RHONJ Caroline Manzo is off to do her own show, RHONJ Jacqueline Laurita is not returning and the Wakile Family and lively sister Rosie will have less air time. But we have Dina Manzo returning and some new ladies, Amber Marchese and a set of identical twins, Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea, adding to the mix this year.

Last year lacked that table-flippin drama we've all been accustomed too.. here's hoping the new chicks have some strong opinions and arms!

The ladies started their publicity tour already, appearing on fourth hour of The Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda. Dina, Amber and the twins sat on the couch and discussed the new season.

Dina Manzo at Goddess Night Out
What I like to hear is when people use their presence to forward a cause. Dina Manzo has Project Ladybug, a wonderful organization which fund programs for sick children and their families for several East Cost hospitals including St. Joseph's Children's Hospital in Paterson, NJ. I had heard that Amber was a breast cancer survivor, and she talked about it with the ladies on the Today Show, telling them that it would be part of the storyline. Amber talked how she wanted to bring awareness to the disease, which she said "could potentially save another life". You go girl!!

The twin sisters talked about how they were excited to be on TV and to do the show. Nicole said she thought  "it would be so much fun to do something with Teresa." They talked about who was going to get into the thick of things in the show, which prompted Teresa to say "I don't really tackle the issues, they find me!"

So, now there are two Teresas on the show. If you live in NJ, at least northern NJ, there are an awful lot of Teresa's, so it's not uncommon to have two Teresa's in a room or for that matter several Lisa's, Anthony's Michael's and Frank's.

New RHONJ are bookends to fan fave Rosie

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Carly Blaney- So You Think You Can Dance, Huh?: Jersey Girl Hits the Top Twenty on Popular Fox Show and Voting Opens Soon

Dancer Carly Blaney            Photo courtesy Facebook
Carly Blaney of Wyckoff NJ really can dance! This Jersey girl is strutting her stuff on Fox's immensely popular dance competition, So You Think You Can DanceCarly made it to to the Top Twenty, no surprise for this dance champion, and will be entering the live competition starting tonight on Fox 5 here in the New York area. 

Carly, age 20, grew up in Wyckoff, NJ. She trained at Studio L in Waldwick.  She is currently a student at Arizona State University where she is a member of the Sun Devil Cheering Squad.
Voting is online. Here is the link:
Editor Update: Though Carly did not win, we thank her for representing Jersey well!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bill and Willie Geist's Book Good Talk, Dad Explores Father-Son Relationships with Humor and Wit: It's The Geist Story on Growing Up in Jersey

Bill Geist and Willie Geist at Books and Greetings in Northvale, NJ
                         By Suzanne Ordas Curry

“Ask him!” Bill Geist said to me as we chatted about the new book Good Talk, Dad, that he and his son had written.  The place was Books and Greetings in Northvale, NJ, a bookstore just few miles from their hometown of Ridgewood, NJ.  We were talking about his chapter on his time in Vietnam and I mentioned to him how my dad was in WWII but barely spoke of it.

"Ask him!", he said.  I told him how I had a friend who was writing a book on WWII and I did manage to get some answers out of him, but then he got tired of answering.

Bill Geist then asked if my dad had been to the memorial down in DC. I told him how he wasn’t exactly mobile, being close to 90 years of age.

"Tell him they’ll put him in a wheelcahair,and fly him over,” he added.

I go to a lot of books signings. To me it’s not just about the book but the experience of meeting the authors. Willie and Bill Geist are just, in one word, genuine people.

The Today Show's Willie Geist                      Photo by Suzanne Ordas Curry
To start off the night Willie gave a short presentation on the book. He had the crowd of about 75 on a weekday night, sighing and laughing. After the presentation the people lined up in the busy and book-filled bookstore to have their books signed. The two of them took time with everyone that bought a book. I cannot say that of every author I have met.

When I got to the front of the line, I mentioned to Willie that I was in PR and that when I sent him emails he would always respond. (That doesn’t always happen with PR people!). So I thanked him. He remembered the emails and specifically an invite, one that had to do with an event in his hometown of Ridgewood. He explained how he wasn't able to make it the night of the event, but said, “I always like to help out people in Jersey, especially Ridgwood.”