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Equity the Film Screens at Tribeca: Cast Talks Wall Street and Women in this First Female-Driven Wall Street Flick

The Red Carpet was abuzz with excitement as Equity, billed as the first female-driven film about Wall Street, had two screenings at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Equity is the story of Naomi Bishop, a female investment banker played by Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad, Chunk and Bean), who takes a privacy company, called Cache, public. In this tech-thriller the ambitions of these highly-competitive Wall Street bankers collide to create a complex story full of unexpected twists and turns emulating the real dealings of a world in which power and money supersede all. Unique to this movie, the main movers in this movie are the women. It was also directed by a woman, Nora Ephron Prize Winner Meera Menon.

The cast includes  Alysia Reiner (OTINB, Rosewood, Better Things), Sarah Megan Thomas (Backwards Movie)James Purefoy (The Following, Hap and Lenard), Craig Bierko (Unreal), David Alan Basche (The Exes) Samuel Roukin (The Turn), Nick Gehlfuss (Chicago PD), Sophie Von Hasselback, Carrie Preston (The Good Wife, Crowded) as well as others from television and screen. Read more:

Equity The Movie Premieres at Sundance 2016 - Sold to Sony Classics Pictures

Equity, premiered at Sundance 2016 at the Library in Park City, Utah.

On a comfortably cold evening in January the theater was sold out to see this female-driven financial thriller that was sold to Sony Classics Pictures before it's Sundance audience premiere.

The movie stars Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn as a female investment banker struggling in her career who takes a company public. Her boyfriend is played by James Purefoy, The film's producers,  Alysia Reiner and Sarah Megan Thomas, had starring roles aside Ms. Gunn.   Click here to continue: http://www.suzeebehindthescenes.com/2016/02/equity-movie-premieres-at-sundance-2016.html

Alysia Reiner and Sarah Megan Thomas' First Broad Street Pictures Production Equity The Movie Selected for the 2015 Creative Coalition Spotlight Initiative Film
 Broad Street Pictures Founders Alysia Reiner
& Sarah Megan Thomas                 Photo Suzanne Ordas Curry
Broad Street Pictures' new drama, Equity, the first female-driven Wall Street movie, is honored to be selected as a Creative Coalition 2015 Spotlight Initiative Film.

 “It’s exciting to see a notable female-led film being released, especially with only 1.9 percent of recent Hollywood releases being directed by women.  Not only is this the first film that showcases the executive women of Wall Street, it’s also a film that artistically and deftly weaves a thrilling tale set in the financial arena,” said The Creative Coalition CEO Robin Bronk.  “The Creative Coalition is proud to count Equity among other notable films in the 2015 Spotlight Initiative slate.”  For full story click here:

Broad Street Pictures Alysia Reiner & Sarah Megan Thomas' Movie Equity in Pre Production: Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn to Play Lead, Meera Menon to Direct

Alysia Reiner and Sarah Megan Thomas
in pre-production for Equity
Alysia Reiner (Orange is the New Black) and Sarah Megan Thomas (Backwards Movie) are two very busy ladies theses days. Having launched the movie production company Broad Street Pictures, they are currently in pre-production for their first movie, Equity.

Equity is the first movie that features women who work on the very competitive and cutthroat Wall Street and the lives they lead.  It's loosely based on a book but written with the input of major female NYC bankers.
Move over Charlie Sheen "Noami's" come to town!       
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Top Ten Things You Won't See Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn Do in Her New Role as Naomi in Broad Street Pictures New Flick Equity

Anna Gunn says good-bye to Skylar and hubby Walter
and hello to Naomi in Equity
Anna Gunn's been cast in a new movie by Broad Street Pictures called Equity. Produced by Alysia Reiner (Orange is the New Black) and Sarah Megan Thomas (Backwards Movie), Equity follows a senior investment banker (Naomi Bishop, played by Ms.Gunn) who is threatened a financial scandal and must untangle a web of corruption. The movie is in pre-production now, but sources say we're going to see another side to this talented actress.

Here's our TOP TEN list of things you'll NEVER see Naomi do in Equity.

1.  Walk into a pool.
2.  Make breakfast every morning.
3.  Cry a lot.
4.  Set foot in a 1991 Jeep Wrangler.
5.  Work at a car wash.
6.  Talk to people in a crawl space.
7.  Look for pizza on a roof.
8.  Have paneling in her apartment.
9.  Annoy everyone.
10. Let stress get her down.  

Naomi's stress is a whole new level over Skylar's... stay tuned to see just how she'll react in Equity.

Anna Gunn
Photo Courtesy Facebook
Click here for Variety's coverage of  Anna's announcement:

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Behind the Scenes: Launch of New Female-Driven Movie Produced by Broad Street Pictures Founders Orange Is The New Black's Alysia Reiner and Backward's Sarah Megan Thomas

Alysia Rheiner, Sarah Meghan Thomas
                                                           Photo Suzanne Ordas Curry
Perched on the 9th floor of The # 3 West Club overlooking Rockefeller Center invited guests were the first to learn about the first venture of Broad Street Pictures, LLC.  Broad Street Pictures is founded by Alysia Reiner and Sarah Megan Thomas. Producer/Actress Alysia currently plays the roles of  Fig in the wildly successful Netflix drama Orange is the New Black and D. A Parks in the new Shonda Rhimes ABC hit How To Get Away With Murder. Philadelphia's Sarah Megan Thomas is the executive producer and writer of the movie Backwards, now available nationwide in stores including Walmart and on most on-demand services. She also starred in it. Both of these ladies have substantial resumes of acting roles in familiar shows. Click to read more: