Suzanne Ordas Curry (AKA Suzee)
A Producer writes about the industry

Suzanne Ordas Curry has owned WI Public Relations for the past three decades, handling all types of clients and incorporating technology into her strategies as they became available. In the past decade, being introduced to the business of entertainment by a client, she started producing films. With her years of experience in marketing background she is instrumental in strategies to help market and sell them.  She has been involved with over a dozen films and series, which have name cast in them like Jamie Lee Curtis and Christina Hendricks as well as prominent directors and EP's.  Her films have made it into prominent festivals such as Sundance, Tribeca and Hamptons and have won awards, including 8 Daytime Emmy nominations for one series. She is also a founding investor of a new production company producing female-driven entertainment, based in LA called Rebelle Media.

Suzanne is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Rutgers University. She was elected to her local Board of Education for 9 years, ending as Vice President and currently is an elected local official. She was President of Bergen CASA for 3 years and currently chairs the Advisory Council. She founded with her family a charity which donates sports equipment to underprivelaged youth. She is a member of Artists for Change, NYWIFT and advises several non-profits including TEEEM. She loves to write and is currently in development of two romcoms and a drama. 

Select Projects:

Executive Producer, Killian and the Comeback Kids - with  Kassie DePaiva, Taylor Purdee, Nathan Purdee,   coming late 2019.
Co-Producer, Equity the Film (Sony Classics Pictures) 
 with Anna Gunn Released in Theaters Summer 2016, on DVD/Blue Ray & Demand on STARZ
Co-Producer/Publicist, A Case of Blue (post -production ) with Annapurna Sriram and Stephen Schnetzer
Associate Producer.  Cady McCain's Seeing is Believing, Women Direct
Associate Producer/Publicist: The Other F Word with Judy Gold/Steve Gutenberg/Alysia Reiner - Streaming on Amazon and The Girlfriend
Associate Producer/Publicist: Tainted Dreams - with Alicia Minshew, Austin Peck, Tonya Walker - Streaming on Amazon
Associate Producer/Publicist: Weight starring Martha Byrne, Alison Smith
Associate Producer- Lost Girls: Angie's Story -  to be released

Special Thanks credits on  An Acceptable Loss with Jamie Lee Curtis and Egg with Alysia Reiner, Christina Hendricks  and Anna Camp

Special Thanks on Egg, with Alysia Reiner, Anna Camp and Christina Hendricks
Special Thanks on A Call to Spy with Radhike Apte, Stana Katic, Sarah Megan Thomas, Donald Sutherland - to be released

For More on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6767295/

At the Egg the Film Premiere Party at TriBeca Fim Festival in NYC
with Christina Hendricks.

Onset of An Acceptable Loss the Movie in Chicago with Tika Sumter, Ben Tavassoli. An Acceptable Loss
stars Jamie Lee Curtis with Tika and Ben, now streaming everywhere.

Selected Press on Suzanne

Interview on Press Conference: https://rvntv.tv/press-conference-37/?channel=press-conference
Interview on Empowering Women Everywhere: https://vimeo.com/260449538
NJ Media: http://mahwah.dailyvoice.com/neighbors/mahwah-entrepreneur-credits-circuitous-career-to-networking-chutzpah/687756/
Hollywood Beauty Detective: http://thehollywoodbeautydetective.com/conversation-suzanne-curry-co-producer-film-equity/
ntertainment: http://nicolerussinmcfarland.com/home/2016/10/3/qa-x-orange-is-the-new-blacks-film-producer-suzanne-curry-sarah-megan-thomas-all-from-the-new-film-equity
Radio Interview: http://www.morphmom.com/blog/tag/Equity.htm#.WIeQ5hsrKUk

About This Site 

This site will feature entertainment news, interviews and commentary with an emphasis on events in the NJ, NYC, CT and Philadelphia area. We will cover #femalesinentertainement and other women doing big things.  Think a  little bit of Ms. Magazine and People. We especially enjoy writing about rom coms, films featuring women, Hallmark movies and comedies. what we're watching now: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Schitt's Creek.

This is not a gossip site, and even if I am sent information that would make headlines, I won't share it.  I like to focus on what people have accomplished in their lives and what they do for charity. You will also see articles about charitable organizations on this site.

New writers are always welcome. Contact me. 

The Writers

Beth Abramson Brier Beth Abramson Brier is a lawyer cum aspiring screenwriter.  She is currently working on two original holiday movie scripts of her own in addition to a TV drama pilot.  Beth is one of five "B's" together with her husband Bruce,  their two grown children, Brette and Brandon, and a naughty but lovable cat named Baxter. 

Ashton Samson
Ashton Samson is an aspiring film director, writer and actor, who is a freshman at Saint Joseph’s Regional High School in Montvale, where he writes for The Guardian school newspaper and looks forward to appearing in future Broadway caliber theater productions. Ashton has also written movie reviews for IMDb and Letterbox’d. Last November he completed his first horror novella, totaling 34,000 words in one month for the National Novel Writing Month competition and he is currently working on a collection of short horror stories. When Ashton is not writing stories, he can be found directing, filming or acting in one of his latest movies with the other members of The Mystery Masters Production group that he formed in 2011. And if any time is left over, you can find Ashton reading a Steven King novel, watching Italian giallo movies, or studying the special FX works of masters of horror, Tom Savini and Greg Nictoro. Reach him: ashboomstick13@gmail.com

Julia Colucci
Julia Colucci is a freshman at Ithaca College, majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications and minoring in Live Event Design and Management. Julia grew up in Mahwah, New Jersey with her mom, dad, and sister. Her family has always been very supportive of her and she considers them a big contribution to her academic success thus far. Julia is interested in the field of communications because she has always been a very organized, creative person who loves working with others. She hopes one day to work in public relations or event management.Julia is the secretary of the Public Relations Student Society of America and the American Advertising Federation, as well as a tour guide for the Park School and a Leadership Scholar. Her interests outside of academics include hiking, bike riding, eating at new restaurants, traveling, and spending time with her friends.

Alicia Wilcox

Alicia Wilcox grew up in Orange County, California, and moved to New York City to study writing and acting when she was 18. She first began acting doing films for New York Film Academy, and then transitioned to more indie films for directors throughout the city. In addition to acting, her literary work has been published on various platforms, including The Health Journal, Noteworthy, Shakespeare & Co, to name a few.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alicia.wilcox.7505/

Connor Moriarty is a writer based in New Jersey. He recently graduated from Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA, where he earned degrees in both English and Media & Communications. Currently, he’s pursuing an MA in Public and Media Relations from Johns Hopkins University. Two or three of his favorite things are, in no particular order: Cult-Italian Cinema, Nana (see photo), and the New York Yankees. Connor can be contacted at connorm@optonline.net and can also be found @ConnorMo15 on Twitter as well as @mise_en_mo on Instagram.

Landon Funk is a writer based in Los Angeles. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, she went to Princeton University, earning her degree in English and playing on their varsity golf team. She is the author of "No Place that Far:" Splash Mountain's Plantation Preservation and is a contributor for The Tab, Mic.com, FanBread, CountryMade, and Blasting News. Funk is a certified yoga instructor and specializes in power, trauma, and children's vinyasa yoga. For further contact, she can be reached at mary.landon.funk@gmail.com

Kelly A. Byrne is a writer based in Los Angeles. Born and raised in New York and New Jersey, she attended Princeton University earning her degree in English and Creative Writing. She speaks Fran├žais and English and if she is addressed in any other language she will answer with “Ok,” the universal word for “Ok.” She currently works at TriBeCa Productions and can be reached at kabyrne12@gmail.com.  

Kelly Cronin  is a writer based in New Jersey. As a student at Monmouth University, she is earning her degree in Communications as well as Public Relations and Journalism. Her favorite things include: coffee, Netflix & keeping up with anything and everything pop culture-related. She can be contacted at s1045628@monmouth.edu. 

Additional writers:

Grace Manzo

Emily Galow

Clients Featured

Being forthright the site will feature some of my entertainment clients and projects I am involved in: Martha Byrne and her projects, Tainted Dreams on Amazon, The Other F Word on Amazon, Bad Parents Movie, Caytha Jentis' projects, Equity the Movie, Movies by Alysia Reiner, Movies by Sarah Megan Thomas, and the Ridgewood Film Festival. This list changes over time. 

Highlighting #FemalesinEntertainment

However, the focus of this site is to inform and entertain. It is a labor of love. I love to write and have published a magazine in the past (the old-fashioned way) and now I have the freedom to write and make a site almost without financial limitations. What a difference from 20 years ago. Also, I promise not to clog up the site with distracting ads. But please patronize our advertisers especially the local supporters.

Guest Writers and Bloggers Welcome

BehindtheScenes  is open to guest bloggers as long as the content is relevant, interesting, well-written and covers entertainment topics. Interviews with interesting people in the entertainment field are at the top of my list. I am also interested in commentary on TV shows, digital programming and movies. I will try to respond to all inquiries, but please give me some time. Contact me at suzanneordascurryatgmail.com. If you are accepted I expect you will share, share, share. 

I am open to press releases and other materials from fellow publicists. I will review each piece and if it fits I will print it. Please send it to suzanneordascurryatgmail.com and mark it "Submission for SuzeeBTS".

Disclosure: I have ads on my site. I receive compensation for ads on site which if you are a blogger you know does not always amount to much. I do not take direct compensation for any articles on this site. I only put what I want on this site, even if it is for a client. 

Advertising Opportunities

BehindtheScenezz will also consider ad or space requests from businesses or non-profits, rather than just the luck of the draw from the Google AdSense program.  Please contact me for reasonable, custom packages.