Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Feel-Good Interview: Meet Riley Smith of Nancy Drew - Six Things You May Not Known About Him

Riley Smith is one of the stars of the hit series “Nancy Drew.” He shared six exciting things about himself and the series. 
“This is the fourth and final season. It has a lot of interesting things going on,” Smith said about “Nancy Drew.” There is going to be a really nice arc for my character Ryan,” he said. “Ryan may even find a love interest. His life has changed in many good ways this year. He will have some really neat moments with Nancy this season.” 
Aside from “Nancy Drew,” Smith is known for such TV roles as “Station 19,” “24,” “Joan of Arcadia,” “90210,” “True Blood,” and “The Messengers,” as well as “Drive,” and “Frequency.” He is also a singer-songwriter. Riley Smith's Favorite Movies 
He revealed that he recently saw the Disney Pixar movie “Elemental” and shared that it was “really good.” “That was fun to see,” he said. “‘Top Gun: Maverick’ was a lot of time. I saw that in a movie theater, and it was cool to see the excitement in there.” 
His Favorite Series 
“I am really into ‘Ted Lasso,’ it is so good,” he said. 
Favorite Sports to Watch 
On his favorite sports to watch, he said, “I’m a big sports junkie. I love watching pro football and college football. I love basketball as well.” 
Riley's Favorite Cheats to Eat
“Every cheat meal is a good cheat meal,” he said with a sweet laugh. “Pizza and ice cream are my kryptonite. I am a big griller in the summertime… I grill anything and everything. I love being around the grill.” 
If He Had A Superpower.......
If he were to have any superpower, it would be “to live forever.” 
Favorite Motto to Live by 
His favorite motto to live by is the following: “Live in the moment, most importantly. Be present and don’t worry about what happened before and don’t be anxious about what happens next.” 
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Photo Credit: Bjoern Kommerell