Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The Amazing Earper Fandom of SYFY Network's Wynonna Earp: Interview with Filmmaker Carole Lowe On Her Mission to Make a New Documentary about this Incredible Fandom

Do you know what an Earper is? If you're not already with this popular SYFY Network series then you'll probably be surprised by it's fandom. In this interview with filmmaker and Earper herself Carole Lowe you'll find out why she and her colleague Adriana Torres are on a mission to tell their story. And you'll hear about their crowdfunding campaign with some really cool Earper perks in it. 

Suzee: Tell me what this documentary is about. 

Carole Lowe: Well, it's about the amazing fans of the supernatural/western series Wynonna Earp! This fandom is simply amazing with their support of the show and the cast.  Over the past few years they have purchased hundreds of billboards in Time Square, which they live streamed to fans around the world to promote the series and help secure a forth season. They raised hundreds of thousands in the name of the series to support non-profits, started sold out Earper Conventions around the world which hosted cast members, and have supported each other in astonishing ways.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Chrishell Stause of Selling Sunset, Days of Our Lives, All My Children and Sportswriter Ian O'Connor Coming To Bookends in NJ For In-Person Events in February

Just a half hour from New York City is the local bookstore, Bookends. For decades it has been showcasing the work or authors and personalities. During the pandemic events were virtual and they are starting to have in-person events. Upcoming is Chrishell Stause, from Selling Sunset, Days of Our Lives and All My Children. Following that is renowned NJ-based sports columnist and commentator Ian O'Connor will be on hand to sign copies of his new book. 

If you want to meet an author, get it signed and have a few words with them, check out the full schedule at Bookends in Ridgewood.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

A Review of Ozark: What We Know, What we Want to Happen in Season Four and Why the Acting of Julia Garner, Jason Bateman, Laura Linny and the Cast Creates the Suspense and Drama We Have Come to Expect from this Award-winning Netflix Series


By Ashton Samson

4.5/5 🌝🌝🌝🌝🌛   Twitter: @ashboomstick2

Once a Langmore, always a Langmore, once a Byrde, always a Byrde? Is Ruth Langmore going to ditch the Langmore legacy and better her reputation or is she doomed in eternal hellfire, stuck in the Ozarks forever? The same goes for Jonah Byrde; will he escape the clutches of his conventional, turned ruthless and power-hungry parents to live a life of his own or is it his destiny as well to remain in the place where everything seems to go wrong? Most importantly, are Marty and Wendy going to finally terminate their life of crime that has transformed them into greedy, corrupt monsters or will they too be forever lost in the Ozarks?