Wednesday, April 30, 2014

RHONJ Kathy Wakile & Rosie Pierri To Appear at Posh Fashion Show: Tix Still Available

Posh Boutique is having a Fashion Show on May 1 at The Terrace in Paramus, NJ. This fashion show appears to be the third in a list of Fashion Shows headlined by cast members of the Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo held this spring in Northern NJ. This event is headlined by Kathy and Richie Wakile. Her sister Rosie Pierri is also slated to appear.

The Posh website promises a "night of fashion, shopping, dancing and a fabulous spring fashion show by Posh Boutique" It also states that there were be several vendor tables "from all over NJ for a little shopping therapy, raffles and a silent auction." Tickets are $100 and  include a hour cocktail  hour with open bar, a sit down dinner and the show. Music is by DJ Anthony D with MC Andrew Mendez.

To See the Article and Photos of this event click here:

Monday, April 28, 2014

NBC Crisis Recap: Here We Come - Airdate 4-20-14

Get a look at the upcoming episode of Crisis as Gibson dictates how it's going to work.
Dunn and Finley Courtesy NBC
There’s a lot going on in the episode  “Here He Comes,” which aired on April 20.  The FBI sets up a plan to lure the kidnappers with a CIA file.  Dunn receives a text,  “I know you’re Amber’s mom,” presumably from Gibson.  Kyle confides to Beth Ann that he is planning to set a fire.  Meg sends a message to Jonas Clarenbach through a beach home message board.  Gibson monitors the parent meeting at Ballard, including Dunn and Finley’s private discussion.  This allows them

Sunday, April 20, 2014

NBC's Crisis Recap: Designated Allies - Episode Aired April 13th

The internal struggles of the kidnapped kids are coming into play, and we are learning more about the relationships of all these kids in  #CRISIS.
                                                                                                                            By Diane Hunstein
While Dunn and Finley go off the grid, Gibson uses his wife to gain intel on the CIA's Operation Lenox. Mark Valley guest stars.
Photo courtesy NBC
This episode, Designated Allies, (original air date April 13), contains twists and suspense as we have come to expect each week.  Janice Gibson receives a call from her husband, although she is not aware of his identity.  He tells her to get CIA Director Widener to her house and poison him.  The first part is easy – Widener is Beth Ann’s godfather.  The second part – well, it’s hard to get one over on someone in his position.  He doesn’t drink the “poisoned” coffee (Janice is unaware that the poison is fake), and ends up comforting Janice as the two of them get friendly on the sofa.  This fits Gibson’s plan perfectly as it gives him

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hey 201'ers! Are You Really A Bergen County Person?

BC people go to the CITY for the holidays,
to see a show, to shop and to eat.
If you know what day there's no traffic on Route 17, how long it takes to get to most "shore points", and where the Forum Diner was there's a good chance you're from Bergen County. I've added a few more but check out the quiz on Buzzfeed, to see if you're a true 201'er.

Now having lived here for decades, here's my my TOP TEN:

BC people shop at outlets, and we
will travel to get to them.
10. You know which RHONJ really live in Bergen County and which don't.
9. You know what the artwork looked like on the old Alexander's.
8. You know the backroads to Paramus Park and GSP.
7. You know where Bada Bing is.
6. You've practiced driving at the Lodi DMV.
5. You remember the photo kiosk outside the Bergen Mall.
4. You had a grill cheese at the Kresge counter in old GSP.
3. You know what Billy Joel song references our county capital.
2. You know that Korvette's was not a car place, but was THE BEST place for records

and the number one thing that guarantees you're from Bergen County...
You think everyone in Jersey has an accent but you! 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

RHONJ Melissa Gorga Headlines 201 Magazine's Fashion Show: SpoilMePink is Charity Sponsor

Thanks for stopping for a pose Melissa Gorga!
I had not been to the Meadowlands Racetrack in years, actually I can’t even remember the last time that I went. However, now there seems to be a new reason to get to the Racetrack and that is to hang out at Victory Sports Bar and Grill, the new restaurant owned by Albie and Chris Manzo.

I had the opportunity to get to this new eatery and club because that’s where our local upscale magazine, 201, had it’s Style and Beauty Week Launch Party headlined by RHONJ Melissa Gorga.

Joe Gorga
This event was a great Girls Night Out, though that’s not to say that the few men I saw there did not enjoy it, but it was fantastically feminine. There was a fashion show, vendor tables with jewelry and handbags and other fun stuff, a medium, massages, and people walking around giving hand massages and free skin cream samples. There was also a fun free photo booth.

For the $75 general admission fee (with a 10% discount for three of more), you got unlimited cocktails - beer, wine or cosmos, which were very good but the wait was a bit long at the start of the event. There were also hors douvres being passed around, such as sausage in pastry, bruschetta, egg rolls, and more. They were all quite tasty but it was hard to get them as this was one hungry  bunch of gals and the plates went quickly. Each attendee also received a swag bag at the end of the night. It had lots of goodies in it including cookies, gift certificates, water bottles, a makeup mirror, and of course, a signed copy of Melissa’s new book, Love Italian Style.
Watch Melissa on my Youtube Channel at:

Hallak Cleaners was an event sponsor
The VIP section cost more; it had tables to sit at, whereas general admission had barstools. The VIP section was billed as the place to be for individual photos with Melissa. And tons of fans got photos, Melissa and hubby Joe hung out in that area all night long. Not surprisingly Chris Manzo also came by for a visit. Even while Melissa was busy doing the fashion show and other things, Joe was happily posing for photos all night long and which the fans loved.

Melissa used that area as her main seating but she frequently left the area to graciously mingle with other guests and to let them pose for photos with her.

Melissa Gorga at the 201 Style and Beauty
Week Launch Party
Melissa walked the catwalk at the Fashion Show, which was emceed by Fashion Expert Heather Zwain of The fashions were were pretty good, clothes one can really wear, and and a lot of the models were real people who weren’t a size 0 or 6 feet tall. There were also some easy-on-the-eye male models. Some of the models were breast cancer survivors. This was wonderful to see..One of the sponsors of the event was SpoilMePink.. They provide days of pampering to breast cancer survivors in the NJ/NY area. This is a young organization started by some fabulous women. For information on how you can help visit their website:

Friday, April 11, 2014

Chris and Albie Manzo's New Victory Sports Bar and Grill at the Meadowlands Racetrack: Eatery by Day, Nightclub After Hours Opens April 12th

The Manzo brothers have opened a new restaurant at the Meadowlands Racetrack in NJ on the heels of their announcement of a new reality show for the Manzo family. Will we see this restaurant in Manzo'd With Children? 

Host Chris Manzo
The old Giants Stadium, now called Metlife Stadium, got a recent multi-million dollar facelift and so did the Meadowlands Racetrack with its new building. Both were due for an update. I remember when the whole “sports complex” as it was known as was built. The whole area was just one big swamp, and it smelled when one drove by. It was the back road for us locals headed into NYC, so it was a well-traveled area.

The entire area has been built up since then, with several hotels and a few restaurants in the surrounding area, but it is still rather open and the reeds and grasses of the marshes still can be seen swaying in the breeze.

In the new building at the racetrack now is a new eatery, the Victory Sports Bar and Grill. Coming from a family of restauranteurs (they own the Brownstone in Paterson), it is no surprise that it is another venture of the Manzo family. After opening up little Town in Hoboken, The Victory Sports Bar and Grill is the second dining establishment for the Manzo brothers, Chris and Albie.

NJ's Kevin Jonas of Jonas Brother Fame Starts Construction Company

Kevin Jonas is now building houses.
Kevin Jonas of the musical Jonas Brothers has entered into the Jersey real estate business. According to Terrie O'Connor Realtors, the firm is now "representing Kevin Jonas of The Jonas Brothers and Married to Jonas and Bill Werner of Integrity Stairs of Wyckoff in their new partnership in the luxury home market.  Jonas and Werner together have created Jonas Werner Fine Custom Homes, LLC, a luxury home construction company for the most discerning clients. This partnership was born out of Kevin's unique and varied real estate experience and Bill's high end building expertise and respect in this industry.  They have just completed their latest project, a truly spectacular 15,000 square foot home in Morris County, NJ. Next stop for this dynamic and winning partnership is Bergen County, where they have begun a project in Franklin Lakes for a celebrity couple."

NBC Crisis Recap: Episode 3 Airdate 4-6-13 "What Was Done To You"

NBC's Crisis continues with the promo we've all seen.. the lady with the bombs on. One of the parents dies in this episode... but is it Marie Wirth? (Martha Byrne)
                                                                                                                    By Diane Hunstein 
Photo: Rule #1: Don’t break the rules.
The Kidnapped Kids  of Crisis                                          Photo NBC Facebook
Episode 4 begins with the news that Clark Froy did not survive the two gunshot wounds from the previous episode.  Gibson calls Congressman Langston Wirth and his wife, Marie (superbly played by the talented Martha Byrne).   They are home, looking frightened and stunned at the IED vest spread out in front of them.  Gibson tells them that their love for their daughter is stronger than their fear of what is to come.  FBI Director Olsen is addressing all of the Ballard parents.  He explains that the 
kidnappers are
using their kids as leverage and will

Friday, April 4, 2014

NBC Crisis Recap: Episode 2 Aired 3-30-14

This episode was filled with action, and we are learning more about Dermot Mulroney's motives.
                                                                                                             By Diane Hunstein
File:2014 Crisis NBC.jpgThe third episode of Crisis starts off in FBI headquarters.  Dunn, Finley and Director Olsen determine that they need to question the most powerful parents of the students who were kidnapped.  Dunn and Finley go on their way to meet with the President and First Lady, while Gibson places a call to Chief of Staff Frank Beckwith.  He instructs Beckwith to call General Osborne and arrange a meeting, with the promise that

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Emmy Winner Martha Byrne Takes on Two New Roles: NBC Crisis and Spokesperson for CASA for Children

Watch Martha Byrne on Crisis April 6th, also appearing at Casino Night for Bergen CASA April 8th. Tickets still available.
Martha Byrne is Spokesperson for Bergen CASA
If you’re a fan of TV, have watched NBC in the past month, or been on YouTube, you’ve probably seen the suspenseful promo for NBC’s newest crime thriller Crisis, starring Dermot Mulroney, Gillian Anderson, Rachel Taylor and Lance Gross.
In those intriguing commercials one may see a very compelling scene of a woman with a row of bombs strapped to her waist, standing in the lobby of the CIA, hysterical, about to push the button on the detonator in her right hand. She emits a terrifying, “Help me”. Here's the link:
Will she activate the detonator?
The woman with the suicide vest is Emmy Winner Martha Byrne. Generations of viewers may recognize Martha for her role as Lily Walsh Snyder on As the World Turns for two decades. Since departing the show this Jersey Girl has continued to keep busy in the field of entertainment, producing her own web drama (Emmy-nominated Gotham, available on Vimeo), played the evil Andrea Floyd on General Hospital, wrote scripts for Bold and the Beautiful, starred in the yet to be released film, Preying for Mercy and built a talent agency in NJ. Performing being Martha’s first passion, she auditions as much as possible.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

C'Mon Get Happy: Pherrell Williams Happy Tune Makes Its Way To Northern NJ

Pherrell Williams certainly does have some magic in that hat of his. His song "Happy" is a global sensation, from Singapore to Budapest and beyond. The most recent count is over 153 million hits for the original song on Youtube, and 800 versions in 94 countries. But now you can make that 801 versions as Pherrell's happiness has spread to Northern NJ. Mahwah High School's Digital Media Class did their own version of Happy and posted it on their class channel, Thunderbird Television. Here it is:

It's time to get up and dance when you watch. This song is a breath of fresh air because of it's clean lyrics, perky, and easy-to-follow and easy-on-the-ear rhythms. Want to get even happier? Find a Happy version from all over the world using this Happy map: