Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Feel-Good Interview Series - Actor/Singer Jessica Lowndes of 90210 and Dozens of Your Favorite TV Movies - Six Things to Know About Her


By: Markos Papadatos, #Powerjournalist

Canadian singer and actress Jessica Lowndes (90210) shared some fun and exciting things about her. Jessica signed a multi-movie deal with the new network Great American Family.  She served as an executive producer and writer of Harmony From The Heart, where she starred opposite Jesse Metcalfe. 

Her rresume includes three movies with Chad Michael Murray, such as An Autumn Romance and Angel Falls Christmas. She also starred in I'm Glad It's Christmas. You will recognize her from over a dozen TV movies. This talented lady is also a prolific singer.

About Collaborating in Music
On her dream collaboration choices in music, Lowndes said, "I am down to collaborate with anyone that moves me, that has been the biggest thing. I like so many genres and styles of music. I am excited to put out some more remixes and collaborations. I like mixing deep progressive house with female vocals and creating a sound that people haven't heard in a long time. My genre is pop with a cinematic, raw intensity to it."

Jessica Lowndes' Favorite Movies

When asked about her favorite movies, she revealed, "I like so many different types of film, and I love watching dark films and Disney movies. I love American Beauty and Requiem for a Dream and The Machinist. Grease is one of my favorite movies of all time."

What Jessica Binges

Her favorite series to binge-watch include The Queen's Gambit and Ted Lasso. "The Queen's Gambit was unbelievable, it was amazing. Anya Taylor-Joy nailed it," she said. "I also really loved Ted Lasso."

What Her Fave Cheat Meal Is

Lowndes' favorite cheat meal is "burgers of any kind." "I also have a big sweet tooth and I love red velvet cupcakes," she said with a sweet laugh.

Her Mottos to Live By

Her favorite motto to live by is "Give everything you've got in everything in do" and "compete with yourself first," as well as "you miss 100 percent of the shots that you don't take in life."

If Jessica Lowndes Could Have a Superpower it would be.....

On her favorite superpower, she admitted, "I would love to fly, especially with all of the delays with the airlines."
Photo Credit: Amanda Mae

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