Thursday, August 2, 2018

New Filmmaker: Bae Short Film Made by Jersey Talent Premieres At Jersey Shore Film Festival 2018

Bae Short Film
Bae is a short film made by Jersey talent. It's premiering at the Jersey Shore Film Festival in Asbury Park. Bae is a fun, lightheared short with a surprising twist. The film is about a woman looking forward to enjoying a quiet night at home with her Bae. It was shot in Keyport, New Jersey. The cast and crew spent two long nights preparing the location and shooting the film. 

The Creative Team Behind It

The creative team for Bae is Feyza Cakici, Anthony Janz, Gina Ziegler, Ryan Cervasio, Anna Tobia Pierotti and Jeff Naviello. Feyza plays a character named Anna who's looking forward to enjoying a quiet night at home, Anthony Janz plays a character named Vinnie and is one of the writers and camera operators. He is also the sound editor on the project. Gina Ziegler is one of the writers, set decorators and camera operators. Anna Tobia Pierotti is one of the set decorators and the script supervisor. Jeff Naviello is one of of the writers and camera operators as well as the cinematographer. Ryan Cervasio is the director, producer, editor and one of the writers.

Movies that Inspire the Creative Team

Movies that have influenced the cast and crew in their lives are Clerks,The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Big, Finding Neverland, Before I Fall, Harry Potter, Safety Not Guaranteed, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, The Count of Monte Cristo, Baby Driver & Blue Jay.

Favorite Places to See a Movie in the Garden State

The favorite theaters of the cast and crew are Atlantic Cinema because it reminds us of childhood memories. Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Brooklyn because everything is tailored to the movie you're seeing. The trailers, drinks and food are themed to immerse you in the moviegoing experience. Cinema Village because it's an independent movie house showing films from unknown and upcoming filmmakers from around the world. Cinemark Hazlet and Regal Hadley Theatre Stadium 16 because they're the local theaters in the area. Becky’s Drive-In because every summer we take a trip to PA to experience movies under the stars. It's great to see the double feature, old time commercials and grabbing a bite to eat at the snack bar. 

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