Friday, January 29, 2021

Sundance Film Festival 2021 is Virtual: Here's How to Fest from your Couch

Well, Sundance, one of the most prestigious and popular film festivals in the US is still being held. It's a combination of in-person and virtual. Though nothing, absolutely nothing compares with going to Sundance, having it virtually does have benefits. First, you can watch it from your warm living room instead of trapsing in the freezing cold of Utah to watch the movies and attend the events. Though I love Sundance, it's really cold.

So, now through the beauty and miracle of the Internet you can watch the same films that you would have only been able to see had you taken that trip out to Park City. In addition, Sundance this year is offering many FREE PRESENTATIONS. Yes, you can experience Q & A's, workshops and all other kinds of presentation from the comfort of your couch for free. My guess is however, you'll be tempted to sample some of the films. 

For How to Fest, go here: