Friday, March 10, 2023

Feel-Good Interview Series: Actor Dan Jeannotte of Hallmark's Sweeter Than Chocolate and The Good Witch - Six Things To Know About Him

By Markos Papadatos #Powerjournalist

Canadian actor Dan Jeannotte starred recently in the new Hallmark movie “Sweeter Than Chocolate” opposite Eloise Mumford. 

He may be known to TV audiences for his portrayal of James Stuart, the Earl of Moray in The CW series "Reign," and Hallmark fans can recognize him as Brandon Russell in "The Good Witch" series.

Dan Jeannotte's Favorite movies 

“I think back to my childhood for some of my favorite movies, and those include ‘The NeverEnding Story.’ I love movies by the Coen Brothers such as ‘The Big Lebowski’ and ‘Boogie Nights.’ They expanded my idea of what stories I can tell.” 

Favorite Series to Binge 

He listed “30 Rock” as his favorite series to binge-watch. “Tina Fey is incredible, I love her so much,” he said. 

Dan's Favorite Mottos 

His favorite motto to live by is the following: “Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.” 

Favorite Cheat Meal 

On his favorite cheat meal, he responded, “You can’t cheat, it’s food, it’s one of the greatest pleasures in the world. I enjoy it all. There are no rules.” 

How Dan Relaxes 

In an effort to unwind and relax, he reads a lot of books, enjoys doing crossword puzzles and board games, as well as walking in nature and hikes. “I also like hanging out with my son,” he said. 

Who Would His Dream Acting Partners Be?

Accordingly, Jeannotte listed Tina Fey as his dream acting partner. “Wouldn’t that be a fun thing?!” he exclaimed. “I think Sam Rockwell is incredible, and I think of Tina Fey and Amy Schumer as brilliant comedic actors that I would love to someday work with, that would be great."

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Photo Credit: Craig Minielly, Hallmark Media