Tuesday, December 6, 2022

John Edwards Holds Live Zoom Event Called "As The Spirit Turns" with As The World Turns' Martha Bynre and Gulding Light's Kim Zimmer Dec 8: Conversations and Readings

John Edward will be your Guiding Light for a 2.5 hour virtual event that is being called  “As The Spirit Turns.”

Psychic Medium John Edward will be sitting in conversation with daytime icons Martha Byrne (Lily from As The World Turns) and Kim Zimmer (Reva from Guiding Light) For the first hour.  John will moderate the conversation and facilitate audience questions and more for these two daytime tv icons. 
This is a one of a kind event that has never been done before and it’s John’s first time getting to sit down with Martha and Kim to chat and interview them; John states that he is very excited for this.

Martha told Suzee, "I will be sharing my stories about my visits by Lisa Brown (1954-2021, As the World Turns. Guiding Light, Gotham the Series) and how many connections to the other side have been so vital to my life's path and how to use what we all have inside us to do the same."

After he speaks with these ladies and their loved ones, John will switch gears and spend the next 1.5 hours doing readings for the audience on zoom. however, a reading with audience members is not guaranteed. For those who have not been to a session like this, not everyone will get a reading, but hearing from those who are getting readings can be life-affirming.

This event will be held via zoom. You must be able to participate using zoom, have a working camera on your device and agree to wear headphones for this event.

Each ticket admits one person and one person only into this virtual event (Please, no one should be sitting off camera or in the room listening who does not have a ticket). The cost is $100.