Friday, July 26, 2019

Netflix's Secret Obsession: Is the Ending Really a Secret? A Take of Some of Netflix's New Movies

If you've been watching a lot of Netflix movies as I have, you'll see a variety of genres. As far as science fiction goes, I am Mother was great - suspenseful and  thought-provoking. I was at the edge of my seat to the end and appreciated how it ended, wrapped it up nicely and left you thinking. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston's Murder Mystery, well that was the perfect romcom for them, just what their fans wanted to see but frankly I am still confused about the ending, second twist not needed. Still, any fan of theirs will love this movie, and the location shots were a plus. Rebel Wilson's romantic comedy Isn't It Romantic? was just what the doctor ordered, pure romcom fun to satisfy and romcom officianado. But, you will have to be a fan of hers to like this movie because it's a lot about her.

I anxiously watched Secret Obsession. Spoiler here, but honestly you don't need a spoiler. This was more a Lifetime movie. As soon as you watched it you thought something was up with the husband. But, you hoped for a twist. No such twist. And there were so many points in the movie you would be like, 'Why isn't she running?" or "That doesn't make sense." There was also a lot of gore, unnecessary in my eyes, I knew what the killer was doing anyhow. It still kept my watching though.

So Netflix, keep on making movies and I'll keep on watching them. But you can't get them all right.