Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Cady McClain of All My Children Fame Helps Kids in Foster Care Learn Showbiz.... with Help from another ABC Star Ty Burrell of Modern Family: Read about Kids in the Spotlight

Ty Burrell hosts the Kids In the Spotlight
Film Screening every year.
There's a little bit of irony in the fact that actress/director Cady McClain was on the long-running and highly-acclaimed daytime drama  called All My Children and Ty Burrel is on another award-winning and long-running show called Modern Family. And that's because both of these actors, true to the title of their shows have a need to give back to families and children.

There's an organization based in Los Angeles called Kids in the Spotlight. Founded by producer /actor Tige Charity ,this organization helps children in foster care by allowing them to participate in the cinematic arts. They learn about different levels of filmmaking, and in so doing, learn skills as they get the opportunity to express what has happened to them in their young lives. Many of them go on to join the Writer's Guild of America and make their own films. The sessions are 15 weeks long, and Ty Burrel is one of the instructors. He states, "I teach an acting class, and I am honored to host their award ceremony every year, but I do very little compared to those that are there every day... I got into this because my father was a social worker in the foster care system. Most of these kids have been through stuff that I can't even imagine." Listen to more from Ty about Kids in the Spotlight here:

"We are telling kids they can re-write the end of their story"
- Tige Charity, Founder

One of their project is that they make a film every year. For the past two years, Cady McClain, who is now a prominent director in her own right, has produced and directed a film for Kids in the Spotlight.  Cady told BehindtheScenezz that this year's film is called BURNT FEATHERS BROKEN WINGS by Madison Gates, Katherine Belendez, Aneles Maxwell-Carter  and Jaqueline Romero Herrera . This short film deals with the complexities of their young lives but shines a ray of hope for a better future.

Director Cady McClain (left) at  Kids in the Spotlight Event with husband Jon Lindstrom

Cady states that " Making a film with these kids is a truly meaningful experience for these youth. They get to see how their painful experiences (abuse, addiction, homelessness) can translate into an important, dramatic and impactful narrative. Some of the kids end up getting reps and making a real career for themselves. I get to put all my years of experience into uplifting them and being living proof that you can go through hard times and come out with a craft you love and a life focused on the future. 

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This year the film will be screened at the legendary Paramount Pictures Lot in Hollywood on November 2nd. Cady adds, 'The kids get Red Carpet treatment and a big party after the screening. The folks at KITS call it "Their Oscars" and it is really a special evening for them all. Ty Burrell and other stars host the evening."

Cady has a request. She takes no money for making the film, but is in need of money to make the experience better for all. She needs money for things like a camera package and gera, lenses, editing, costumes, props, and more. She's happy to say that she met her goal, but every little bit helps. Any extra funds will go to the charity. You can visit her fundraiser at: 

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Kids in The Spotlight visit: