Tuesday, April 17, 2018

NY/NJ Event: Morphmom Conference Comes to NJ with Inspiring Speakers for Women Who Want a Change

Do you want to make a career change, or start something new?

Morphmom comes to NJ. This successful conference is a day full of inspiration for women (men welcome) who want to make a change in their lives, and perhaps need some direction, motivation and solid advice. If you were wondering what Morphmom meant, hence the name of making a metamorphosis.

Kathleen Smith, founder, states, "It's a great event for those who are looking for their "next step" or wishing to make a change. Our first two conferences in New York City were a resounding success with over 150 women gathered each time to hear some great speakers and to network with each other."

This next event will be held in NJ. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. Speakers are listed below and include entreprenuers in many fields as well as Barbara Curran, former NJ Assemblywoman. Visit www.Morphmom.com for info and tickets.

Kathleen, who is a former prosecutor, also does a Morphmom podcast on City Radio Thursday nights out of NYC in which she interviews successful women.

This is the lineup for the April event:

WENDY LACEY - Founder of Cornerstone-http://cornerstonemontclair.com/about/
 JEANNE PETRUCCI - Founder Living Plate-https://www.livingplate.org/team/jeanne-petrucci-ms-rdn/
 11:15-12:00 IDEA- explore what you can do with that inventory
  ANNIE SCHIFFMANN - Founder of Downstage Media-https://downstage.media
 LAUREN MARINO-Editor, Collaborator, Author http://www.laurenmarinoeditorial.com
 12:00-1:00 Light Lunch with speakers
 1:00-1:45 TAKE A RISK-put that idea onto motion
  KATHERINE NUKK- FREEMAN co-founder of Nukk-Freeman & Cerra PC+ SHIFT HR http://www.nfclegal.com
  Hon. BARBARA CURRAN-former NJ-Assemblywoman, Superior Court Judge and President of the NJ Board of Public     Utilities,  nogreatersacrifice.org
 1:45-2:30 PROMOTE-PROMOTE-PROMOTE-how to get the word out!
 MEGAN McDOWELL-Founder of Heartworks https://www.njheartworks.org
 DONNA O’CONNOR-Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW, LLC  http://www.mhwcenter.com

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