Friday, April 20, 2018

Interview: Catching up With Actress Alicia Minshew of All My Children, Tainted Dreams & More - What's She's Up To Now

You may remember the fabulous actress Alicia Minshew from All My Children or One Life to Live or the soap she's currently starring in, Tainted Dreams  streaming on Amazon for which she received a 2018 Emmy nomination for Best Actress in a Daytime Digital Series. In addition, she's done movies and more and still continues to act while juggling her role as a mother,  having completed two recent films. See what this talented lady is up to now.

What Alicia Loved about her Role 
on Tainted Dreams

I love that I got to work with every single character and actor on the show. It was fun to play Angelica because she was the glue that sort of held everyone together.  I got to do funny scenes, sad scenes, sexy scenes and all sorts of fun stuff.
I also love that the story was told from her point to view. It was an honor for me.

Sharing Some Fave Memories of 
Life in the Soap World

Oh my goodness. There are soooooo many stories from my 10 years on All My Children. I guess a fun one would be that whenever I worked with Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) and Cameron Mathison (Ryan) -I would get us in trouble from laughing hysterically. It happened too many times to count. I somehow could not keep a straight face with them. I would laugh during a scene and that would make them laugh. Used to get us in trouble. Really professional huh? :-) I was the queen of bloopers!

What She's Been Doing Lately 

The last film I worked on was written and directed by Markus Redmond and was called “This is Now”. I helped him produce it. It was a little budget indie film, but a great story with a great cast. It is about a group of people from high school who come together after so many years and all sorts of shit comes out about each of them. I played “Lorraine” the crazy drama queen. It is in post production now. The one before that is called “The Funeral Guest”. It is out now in different theaters in other countries and is available on Amazon as well.  It is the story of a woman who crashes funerals to try and connect with people. I loved the concept and such a beautiful script. I play the bitch of course! Fun!

What She Thinks is A Pressing Issue 
in Today's Society

 There are so many issues to tackle and discuss these days. Bullying is the biggest for me. I think it is the root of so many other problems our country has. Bullying comes in many forms too. Having a little 8 year old-I see it already. It blows my mind and I want to help stop it. This is why I like the NOH8 campaign and GLAAD.

Alicia's Idea of a Perfect Day

Ahhh the perfect day….sleeping in for sure. Spending the whole day with my sweet girl Willow and my hubby Richie just hanging out and doing whatever we please. As long as we are together. Oh and someone cooks for me. :-)

Little Known Fact: Alicia's husband owns the club Prohibition in New York City. Come visit while you're there.

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