Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rosie O’Donnell Proves Laughter is Good for the Heart with "A Heartfelt Stand Up" Airing on on HBO Valentine's Day: View Trailer

When personalities use their fame to further a cause, that is gold. Because not everyone does. Many times it is because the disease or situation personally touched them, other times it is just because it is any interest of theirs, other times it is because someone simply asked them. It doesn't matter what the reason what matters is the cause.

This weekend on HBO Rosie O'Donnell will present a special on heart disease called  "Rosie O'Donnell, A Heartfelt Stand Up".

February is heart awareness month. Heart attacks are mostly associated with men, yet heart disease is the number one killer of women. One in three women die of heart disease and stroke. I know this because my mother died of a heart problem too.

On THE VIEW, Rosie talked about the HBO show. She said that "the first half hour will make you laugh, it's about me taking care of my kids", and then the next half hour you'll start thinking, "oh, she almost died." Sources say the last twenty minutes are the serious part.

Click above or here for the trailer:

Rosie had a heart attack. All this year on #THE VIEW she talked about her brush with death and how she had surgery to help her lose weight. Rosie is also leaving the show - though reportedly coming back for some segments, due to stress in her life. Stress is an contributor for heart disease, It may sound trite to the young but health comes before anything.

If you leave the show with nothing else but this, know the warning signs of a heart attack in a woman. Rosie cited the acronym as:  HEPPP,


The show airs for the first time February 14, 2015 at 10pm on HBO. Click here for more info:'Donnell:+A+Heartfelt+Stand+Up/602014

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