Thursday, February 5, 2015

Greg Brady is Back: Will a Very Barry Branson Bring the Brady Fans Back? And will we say Bravo?

Johnny Bravo is all grown up              Photo Facebook
Greg Brady, Aka Barry Williams, @akagregbrady, has been doing the New York media blitz publicizing his new reality show on the Great American Country Network,  A Very Barry Branson sets to premiere February 5th.

The series is "documenting" him trying to get his new Branson Missouri show off the ground, rather getting people to come to it. I must say that doing a reality show on the show is a stroke of genius.

But then again that is no surprise because Carol and Mike Brady taught him well, they were very hip parents with lots of groovy advice. It is no wonder he came  up with this good idea. He was always doing his homework as a youth.

I might just tune in. Frankly in this neck of the woods, I'm in Jersey - I don't even know if we have that network on our systems. But I will look for it.

And I will look for it for the same reason others will, a sense of nostalgia, I want to see Greg Brady. Because Barry Williams will always be Greg Brady.

Kathy Lee and Hoda of the Today Show asked him what his favorite episode was of the Brady Bunch He said "Johnny Bravo" because that was what he always wanted to do and that's what he is doing now. Hopefully Johnny Bravo has improved a bit. When it's time to change, you've got to rearrange.. who you are is what you're gonna be. Words to live by.

And I think the fringed vest is still in.

Here's the promo:

I heard Barry on the talk shows and he said his 70's style variety show is family - oriented, He said how he grew up on a show with family in mind and that is what the show is about, Good for him because as a mom it is very hard to find entertainment that I don't have to cringe at while watching with my kids or wonder why the censors or critics could have thought it was suitable for kids. But let's see if this show entices me to make the trek to this gambling mecca to see this ol' familiar face.

I have some ideas on how to get more attendance to his show. Just as David Cassidy aka Keith Partridge teams up with Danny Bonaduce or Mickey Dolenz of the Monkeees for his shows, let's see Barry playing a game of football with Marcia, or a card-stacking duel with Bobby... the possibilities are endless.

Tune in to the Great American Country Network to see if this Brady can make us say bravo.

Written by Suzanne Ordas Curry aka Suzee. Photo courtesy of Barry's Facebook page. Follow me on Twitter, for just a few tweets once in a while  @SuzeeCurryBTS