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Glee Recap: The Hurt Locker Parts 1 & 2: The Final Season Heats Up #Glee

Glee - “The Hurt Locker, Parts 1 & 2”
 Recap by Di's Dish

Sue smiles and nods her way through a “bury the hatchet” lunch with Will, only to unleash her rage monster once again after Will leaves his fork behind at the table.  So begins this two part episode of Glee – it’s an opening scene in keeping with the humor of the characters and their long standing on again, mostly off again, relationship.  Unfortunately, the next scene sets up the cringe worthy “Hurt Locker” theme, which is Sue’s storage unit devoted to her hatred and vendettas with a hidden room dedicated to Kurt and Blaine’s relationship, which Sue desperately wants to restore.  Why couldn’t the talented folks who create Glee go about this storyline in a more clever and funny way, as opposed to creepy?  Did we just see a shark being jumped?

The New Directions, The Warblers and Vocal Adrenaline are at McKinley HS for an invitational, which was set up by Sue in an attempt to destroy the Glee club.  Will agrees to Rachel’s request to go easy on the not-yet-ready-for-prime-time, fledgling New
Directions.  Sue spies on their conversation with a brightly lit, very noticeable drone (funny, not creepy).  In an effort to enlist help with carrying out her destructive plan, Sue hypnotizes Sam to make him fall in love with Rachel.  Over dinner at Breadsticks, Rachel and Sam decide to learn how to play the piano, with Blaine as their teacher.

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Sue puts a damper on Blaine and Dave’s relationship by inviting Dave’s multitude of ex-boyfriends to show up during a Breadsticks dinner.  Rachel and Sam continue to bond while tickling the ivories.  Sue has a meeting with the Principal of Carmel High in order to expose Will’s lack of loyalty.  The Principal turns out to be Figgins’ sister.  Will is outraged when he hears of Sue’s actions and storms into her office.  Will smirks through a classic Sue Sylvester rant, as she brings up things from years past that should make any long time Glee viewer chuckle.  Will calls Sue out on her plans for retirement and reveals his goal of making sure that the Glee club becomes a permanent fixture at McKinley. 
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Blaine and Kurt meet in the auditorium as Figgins goes about his usual janitorial duties.  They have a discussion about staying friends with one another and Kurt reveals that he is going on a date that evening with someone he met online.  Blaine pretends to be happy for Kurt but it’s an awkward moment as he exits the auditorium.   Sam and Rachel share a kiss after a sweet duet of “Thousand Miles.”  The next day, Sam doesn’t remember the kiss since he’s been hypnotized.  Rachel asks Sam out for coffee but he declines, citing his lingering feelings for Mercedes.  In the locker room, Sue gives instructions to Sam under hypnosis to continue gas lighting Rachel (he isn’t exactly gas lighting her, but it was a funny reference) and to torment Will.  

Kurt meets his date, Walter, a handsome man in his fifties, who had a wife for 33 years, and also has kids that are Kurt’s age!  At first Kurt is ready to run for the hills, but then he and Walter agree to be friends with no expectations.  Will discovers Sam stealing his mail and Sam throws Rachel under the hypnotized bus, saying that she is responsible.  Will buys the story hook, line and sinker.  In order to get back at Rachel, he commands Vocal Adrenaline to dominate the invitational, but his attempts to bond and motivate the team are met with aloof disgust.  Vocal Adrenaline gives a jaw dropping performance, and Rachel is furious since Will obviously reneged on his promise to throw the invitational. 

Part 2 opens with Sue’s announcement that the invitational is a three day affair, which gives New Directions time to recruit much needed members.  Kurt convinces Rachel that they need to get Kitty on board.  Kurt seems kind of smitten and fascinated with handsome Walter on their second get together, and they decide to call it a date.  Waitress Sue’s attempts to belittle their age difference backfires as Walter finds her hilarious.  Back in the storage unit (cringe), Sue hatches a plan to get Kurt and Blaine trapped in a small, confined space.  Rachel convinces Kitty to join Glee as top bitch by appealing to her love of performing.  Rachel makes a sincere pledge to Kitty to stay put at McKinley until her job of establishing the Glee club is complete.  

Kurt and Blaine end up stuck in a fake elevator, complete with a Sue doll riding a tricycle (cringe again).  They are told to kiss in order to be released from the enclosure – will they?  And if they do, will it mean anything?

In a cleverly scheming move, Kitty breaks into Sue’s computer to get a hold of her list of emotionally vulnerable songs.  New Directions now has their set list for the invitational!  Sam has a meaningful and successful talk with Spencer about joining Glee.  Sam’s character has been given some nice depth and dimension during this final season of the show.  Kitty injects leadership during a Glee meeting that allows Rachel to get the students motivated and hopefully on the path to success.

Rachel and Will talk and are able to put aside their differences.  Will imparts some valuable advice to Rachel, including a reference to appreciate Sue because “a good nemesis only makes you better.”  During the New Directions’ performance of “It Must Have Been Love,” Kurt and Blaine share the kiss needed to get out of the elevator.  They agree in advance that it wouldn’t mean anything – but it seems pretty steamy!  The New Directions sing “Father Figure” and “All Out of Love” and they prove to be a talented and likeable bunch.  

While watching the performances, Sue has flashbacks to various times of her life and is obviously moved by the songs.  As the sole judge of the invitational, she awards first place to the New Directions.  Score one for Kitty! Clint, a member of the ultra competitive Vocal Adrenaline who is disappointed with the loss, seems bent on getting rid of Will.  Sue tells Will that she had a profound experience during the invitational and has now purged her anger.  Kurt and Blaine protest (a little too loudly) to Sue in her office that her elevator stunt did nothing but make them realize that they’re better off as friends.  Sue strolls through the storage unit with Becky and proclaims it a fading memory.   The Glee club has a bonding and confidence boosting moment in the choir room with their new trophy and inspiring, proud new teachers.

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