Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jersey's Duchess Kimberly aka Ashley I Off ABC's The Bachelor and on the Talk Show Route

Wayne NJ's beautiful Bachelorette Ashley Iaconetti was left high and dry - literally- standing in the middle of the dessert on the 2/9 episode of ABC's highly successful THE BACHELOR. This episode was the highest- rated episode so far this season, rising 8% from last week making it the number one show in two key female demographics for the time slot.

In the episode "Ashley I" was on the two on one date. For those not familiar with #TheBachelor, this really means that the bachelor is supposed to give out one rose only leaving the other girl hysterically crying on the way out the door.

But, in the most dramatic two on one date ever - yes we all know the lingo now Chris- he left both girls, literally,in the dust.

Why? Well the other girl on the date was a tad on the nutty side, and in typical Jersey Girl style, Ashley I told him so.

Ashley I was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. You can view it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2d-gSRPviI&feature=youtu.be

Jimmy asked her if she really wanted to marry him and go live on a farm. She said that when she thought about it, really, she did not. The shopping in Wayne is just too good to leave.

He also asked if she had genuine affection for him, and she said yes. Jimmy said, "Then again, he's the only guy in the room."

You can watch Ashley I on the always explosive The Women Tell All.

Now, also in typical Jersey Girl style, there's substance behind the pretty face. Ashley I, subtitled "Freelance Journalist", has her own blog, www.DuchessKimberly.com.  She may not be real royalty but she is a royally good and talented writer.  Check it out for some good advice on beauty and fashion not just about eyelashes.

Watch out Jersey boys, Ashley is back on the market.

Follow Ashley on Twitter @Ashleyiaco.

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