Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Casting Call: Flipping Families seeks Families for New Show

Well here's a distraction. Twin Talents Casting in NYC is searching for some families that may want to be on a reality show. If this is something you've thought about or just curious about what it takes to get on one, read on. The site also shows other opportunities and new casting calls are updated regularly. This agency is run by two females who are twins:

DIstraction Family Casting -
Flipping Families - 
If your family needs a distraction during these challenging times, how about a fun Skype audition with us and your whole family for a new FAMILY SHOW that will be shooting sometime in the future. Families booked on the show will be Financially compensated. Must have two parent households & at least 2 kids (one over 7yrs old). Obviously dates are subject to change. They are looking for families that were planning an event in the summer or fall.
Email: if interested. Include your location, tel number , the upcoming events you were planning and family dynamics such as number of family members that live together, contact numbers, ages of kids, etc.....

Twins Talent specializes in casting, creating & developing original and branded content for unscripted, reality, alternative & documentary programming. We work across all TV & media platforms including digital, broadcast, production companies & ad agencies worldwide. 
Our unparalleled passion as storytellers, content producers & visionaries combined with our ability to find the "real people" needed has made us leaders in the field. We are always driven to engage the viewer; tap into emotions; generate brand awareness and ultimately create human connections.
We have also successfully created and sold a variety of our own original programming in addition to our client projects.
In addition, TWIN TALENT has become known as the premiere talent supplier of twins , triplets and quadruplets for film, print and commercial. We have access to thousands of multiples worldwide.