Thursday, November 23, 2017

Zoochie Band Releases First Single: Matador Juxtaposes Spanish Influence with Rock

Zoochie announces the launch of it's first single November 2107, Matador on most major platforms including Spotify, iTunes, CDBaby and others. You can also hear it on Youtube at

In true Zoochie tradition, Matador features the vibrant vocals of lead singer Libby Kallins with an emphasis on the guitar. In this song,  guitarist Shane Curry pulls from his training in Spanish flamenco guitar. The song features heavy bass lines played by Raymond Young, combined with powerful, energetic drums by Matt Ciliberto and a ripping guitar solo by Tyler Brick. The song is written by Libby Kallins and is about a complex relationship.

Here is a live version of Matador:

Zoochie plays in north and central Jersey. Check their Facebook page for live performances.

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