Friday, November 10, 2017

Hallmark New Holiday 2017 Movie List - We Love Them and So Do The Advertisers so Expect More Santa, Snow, Elves, Romance and Hot Chocolate

It started before Halloween. The train of holiday movies on the Hallmark channels. And is there anything wrong with that?

According to the stats from last year and their happy advertisers - magic house lights, stuffed pillows and whatnot- there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Last year, Hallmark had more viewers than any other cable network the two weekends of the holiday blitz.

And there are more coming this year. There are 33 new made-for-Hallmark holiday movies coming into our homes as fast as Santa's sleigh. Will there be something new this year?

Perhaps not, just new twists on old favorites. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Hallmark knows its movies are formulaic, but also says it's about the characters.  “Even if there’s a similar tradition in one movie to the next, that doesn’t mean the characters aren’t going on different journeys,” says Michelle Vicary, executive vice president of programming and network publicity for Crown Media Family Networks. (For source article read: )

Producing these movies is a year-round business. One of the production companies, based in Vancouver, says it if often hard to find new "small cute towns" near their base that they haven't used before because they don't want to shoot in the same ones all the time. 

So here's the list of what's coming our way. Sit back, binge watch, make cookies, chill, clean the house, cook, wrap gifts, buy online and enjoy as the magic 

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Editors's Note: Come back to this site as two of our writers take on the challenge of reviewing some of the best Hallmark movies!