Sunday, April 9, 2017

New Music: Meet Libby Kallins of Zoochie and Mellow Out with Her Original Song Aphrodite

There's more music out there to find and enjoy then ever before.  I had the opportunity to interview Libby Kallins of Zoochie, a student at Rutgers University. Libby's got some tunes out on her own, and is now concentrating on being the lead vocalist of Zoochie. Libby writes many of her songs and collaborates on the music. This talented Gen Z has  a soulful sound with looks reminiscent of Stevie Nicks.

I found out about Aphrodite and just loved it. Her band Zoochie has more of a rock vibe, sometimes with a little Latin influence, but no matter the genre expect her voice to carry the music.

SBTS: Tell me about your song Aphrodite. What is it about?
Libby Kallins: Aphrodite was based around the idea that love can come in any kind of form. When you’re feeling lost or alone there is always love around you whether or not it is from family, friends, significant others, or just small acts of kindness that are happening constantly. 
          Listen here for Aphrodite: 

SBTS: You have a unique, folksy sound. Do you pattern yourself after anyone, or did you just find a style you like? 
Libby Kallins: I’ve always been inspired vocally by Natalie Merchant. I initially tried stylizing my voice after hers and as time has gone on I’ve developed my own sound through my folk and pop interests as well. 
SBTS:  How long have you been singing?
Libby Kallins: For as long as I can remember. The first time I ever sang in front of a crowd was when I was about 11 though. I sang Come Together by The Beatles and was absolutely petrified.
SBTS:  What inspires you to write and sing?
Libby Kallins: Like many other 19 year old girls, I write a lot about love. I've been making a conscious effort to write more about the world around me though. I am working towards expanding my writing styles by working on more poetry and storytelling as well.
SBTS:  Who are some of your favorite artists and why?
Libby Kallins: My all-time favorite artist is Billy Joel but I was raised on The Beatles. I believe both have had a pretty big impact on the way in which I write my music. My current favorite artist is Anderson .Paak though because of his unique rap style. My band, Zoochie actually does a cover of one of his songs, Suede.
SBTS:  Are you working on any new songs or projects? What are they? Tell me about your band, Zoochie.
Libby Kallins: Currently, I am focusing on making music with my band Zoochie more so than my solo music. We just recently recorded our EP and it should be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, etc. very shortly, so stay tuned!
SBTS:  In your spare time, what TV/digital shows do you LOVE or love to binge on?
Libby Kallins: I’m a huge fan of Broad City but at the moment I’m into The Get Down which is a perfect show for music lovers.

Aphrodite song can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Soundcloud under Libby Kallins. 
Zoochie Band out of New Brunswick NJ

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