Friday, April 11, 2014

NBC Crisis Recap: Episode 3 Airdate 4-6-13 "What Was Done To You"

NBC's Crisis continues with the promo we've all seen.. the lady with the bombs on. One of the parents dies in this episode... but is it Marie Wirth? (Martha Byrne)
                                                                                                                    By Diane Hunstein 
Photo: Rule #1: Don’t break the rules.
The Kidnapped Kids  of Crisis                                          Photo NBC Facebook
Episode 4 begins with the news that Clark Froy did not survive the two gunshot wounds from the previous episode.  Gibson calls Congressman Langston Wirth and his wife, Marie (superbly played by the talented Martha Byrne).   They are home, looking frightened and stunned at the IED vest spread out in front of them.  Gibson tells them that their love for their daughter is stronger than their fear of what is to come.  FBI Director Olsen is addressing all of the Ballard parents.  He explains that the 
kidnappers are
using their kids as leverage and will
ask the parents to make impossible choices.  He instructs them not to comply with the kidnappers’ demands, and informs the parents that the FBI is watching their actions.  Meg (once again) lies to her sister, Dunn, about being asked to get Amber’s photo into the FBI.  The students are ordered to pack bundles of cash into bags with coffee.  As the Wirths leave the meeting at Ballard, they are accompanied by four FBI escorts.  Miss Fletcher, the school secretary, finds Dunn and Finley and tells them that Mrs. Yarrow is locked in the band room.  She is reading a statement during a live television interview, which does not stop until Dunn and Finley break down the door.  Mrs. Yarrow claims that her husband, Senator Mason Yarrow, is somewhere in the school.

It quickly becomes clear that Miss Fletcher and Mrs. Yarrow are working together.  Senator Yarrow is not present at the school as his wife had claimed.  While the students are packing the cash, one of the boys writes a note on a bundle.  The guard catches him and butts him in the chest with a rifle.  Gibson, who had been packing cash with the students, appeals to the kidnappers for help.  Meg meets with the First Lady (Julia) at the White House.  Meg asks Julia to get her access to the FBI, so she can see what they’re seeing.  Mrs. Yarrow will not disclose her husband’s whereabouts to the FBI.  Gibson and the injured boy are brought to the kidnappers’ control room, where they inject the boy’s heart in an attempt to save him.  The FBI tracks Senator Yarrow with GPS

Gibson calls the Wirths, who are driving and being followed by their FBI escorts.  He directs them to a waiting car and instructs them to bring the vest.  He breaks into the police channels and has the FBI agents detained.  Meg meets with Olsen, telling him that she wants his files, and also wants to know what the other parents have done.  The FBI searches the Wirth home and finds the plans for the IED.  Dunn and Finley put together the pieces and conclude that the CIA building in Langley is the intended sight for the Wirths and Senator Yarrow.  Congressman Wirth tells his wife that they should call the FBI.  She doesn’t agree, because the Pakistani Ambassador got his son back and he and his wife are both still alive. 
Okay so we find out Martha Byrne's vest was a fake!!
Senator Yarrow meets up with the Wirths and gives them a flash drive from a CIA vault.  It needs to be connected to a cell phone and must be brought at least 150 feet away from the building.  Senator Yarrow is alarmed at the sight of the vest.  The Wirths tell him that it is fake and that its purpose is to create a diversion with the guards.  Congressman Wirth points out that the guards won’t know that.  Marie, in an act of bravery, decides to be the one to wear the vest while her husband gets the flash drive out of the building.  Gibson is upset with the guard who hit the child with the rifle.  Marie stands in the middle of the CIA lobby and takes off her coat, revealing the IED strapped around her body.  Dunn and Finley come into the lobby just as the CIA guards and snipers are drawing their weapons.  Finley stands directly in front of Marie, purposefully getting in the way of the snipers.  Dunn chases after Congressman Wirth who is quickly walking out of the building.  He is shot by a CIA guard.  Finley pushes Marie to the ground just as a sniper fires.  As the Congressman is lying on the ground, he asks Dunn if the flash drive message was sent (yes), and does he get his kid back now.  Then he dies.  Finley grabs the phone for a quick look at the video before the CIA takes it.  It is footage of US special forces shooting civilians. 

Gibson and Koz are disturbed while watching the video.  Koz states that he has never seen such a total lack of control.  The kids are still packing cash and realize that Sloan and Sharlene are gone.  Marie and Senator Yarrow are being questioned, and each provide the FBI with a series of numbers.  They are GPS coordinates for a nearby location.  They find a parked van, with Sloan and Sharlene inside along with a ringing phone.  Amber’s voice is on the phone, reading a message that the Congressman did not have to die and that his death is on the CIA.  Back at the mansion, Amber is distraught to learn that her best friend’s (Sharlene) dad was killed.  Beth Ann grabs a small metal object hidden on one of the tables when the packing is finished.

Meg and Noah are in a conference room with a team of people examining FBI documents.  Meg recognizes a man in one of the photos as someone who used to work for her as a CIA liaison.  She has a flashback to an affair with him.  Kyle finds Beth Ann in the bathroom, about to cut herself with the small razor from the table.  Finley tells Olsen and Dunn that he recognizes one of the soldiers rescued from the Pakistani embassy as one of the soldiers in the video.  Olsen, Dunn and Finley realize that the kidnapping may be about the CIA.  Olsen states that the investigation will be contained to the three of them, as it is the kind of investigation that “ruins careers and gets people dead.”

Stay tuned next week for more edge of your seat suspense!