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NBC Crisis Recap: Here We Come - Airdate 4-20-14

Get a look at the upcoming episode of Crisis as Gibson dictates how it's going to work.
Dunn and Finley Courtesy NBC
There’s a lot going on in the episode  “Here He Comes,” which aired on April 20.  The FBI sets up a plan to lure the kidnappers with a CIA file.  Dunn receives a text,  “I know you’re Amber’s mom,” presumably from Gibson.  Kyle confides to Beth Ann that he is planning to set a fire.  Meg sends a message to Jonas Clarenbach through a beach home message board.  Gibson monitors the parent meeting at Ballard, including Dunn and Finley’s private discussion.  This allows them
to plant the seed about a CIA file sitting in Dunn’s apartment.  Gibson sends Koz to check it out.

The FBI installs monitoring equipment in Dunn’s apartment, and the mission to lure the kidnappers begins.  Dunn receives another text – “you’re going to help me.”  Meg, a very powerful woman indeed, meets with Widener.  She wants to know how she is connected to Amber being taken, wants the name of the kidnapper, and wants Widener to get her daughter back.  He shows her the massacre video and she seems disturbed.  Widener explains that the soldiers took a drug, made by Meg’s company, which allowed them to survive brutal conditions.  However, an unexpected side effect of the drug was that it repressed emotion and empathy.  Meg has something that Widener wants – hmmm, what, or whom, could that be?  Finley places a trace on Dunn’s texts.  Koz enters Dunn’s apartment and takes photos of the file, which causes Gibson to realize that Jonas has been collecting evidence as a whistleblower.  After Koz exits the apartment, the FBI follows his car.

Koz parks the car at a gas pump, and goes inside.  Beth Ann tells her father about Kyle’s plan.  Gibson relishes the fact that his daughter came to him.  He advises that “sometimes you need to save people from themselves,” which is very much in keeping with his character!  Dunn and Finley run inside the gas station, only to find an empty repair shop with a car on a lift.  The FBI follows Koz (but is it Koz?) to a mansion (but is it THE mansion?).  Their video feed shows kids inside, and they positively identify Taylor Bennett.

Kyle starts a fire in a trash can. The guards extinguish the fire and Kyle admits his actions.  The FBI discovers that they are at a decoy mansion containing mannequins, Taylor Bennett, and his father who is posing as a Koz decoy.  Koz emerges from his hiding place in the repair shop and Dunn and Finley follow in pursuit.  The trace on Dunn’s texts reveals that they are coming from a number registered to Joel Schearing, who is Amber’s biological father. 

Meg meets up with a distraught Jonas at a large, beautiful home.  In a flashback we see that he had shown her the massacre video during their relationship.  Jonas is clearly in love with Meg.  He kisses her, and urges that they can repair the damage.  Instead, she throws her former lover to the wolves.  The CIA comes inside and takes him away.  Meg gets what she wants from Widener – the name of the kidnapper.  She finds it hard to believe that it is truly Francis Gibson, because he does not seem capable.  Koz is at a storage container.  Jonas kept information there about people who died from accidents and suspicious circumstances.  Dunn and Finley follow him inside, and Finley and Koz engage in a fistfight on the roof.  Finley gets a hold of Koz’s gun and shoots him in the leg.  Koz tells him there is a kid in the trunk of a car, and he will text his whereabouts if Finley lets him go.  Finley complies, and as promised Koz texts him the location of a car in a parking garage. 

The student in the trunk is rescued.  Dunn and Finley investigate the contents of the storage unit.  It is filled with articles of prominent people who met suspicious and tragic deaths.  A human rights activist was shot along with his family.  This is the one that made Widener realize what happens when the soldiers take the drug.  This was the blood he put on Gibson.  Finley says these are the people killed in the massacre video, and that these deaths are assassinations.  Gibson says they were his soldiers and were supposed to be used to defend this country but instead Widener is using them here as his own personal hit squad.  Gibson talks to Kyle about the fire.  He tells him that he needs a better plan in order to outsmart the kidnappers, and offers to work with him on something.  Meg is upset about giving up Jonas, whom she cared for.  Knowing that the Ballard auditorium is monitored by Gibson, Dunn and Finley go there to talk to him.  They tell him that they saw evidence of a hit squad, and ask if that is why he took the kids.  Dunn’s phone rings…..tune in next week for more twists, turns, and plot revelations!

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