Tuesday, April 1, 2014

C'Mon Get Happy: Pherrell Williams Happy Tune Makes Its Way To Northern NJ

Pherrell Williams certainly does have some magic in that hat of his. His song "Happy" is a global sensation, from Singapore to Budapest and beyond. The most recent count is over 153 million hits for the original song on Youtube, and 800 versions in 94 countries. But now you can make that 801 versions as Pherrell's happiness has spread to Northern NJ. Mahwah High School's Digital Media Class did their own version of Happy and posted it on their class channel, Thunderbird Television. Here it is:

It's time to get up and dance when you watch. This song is a breath of fresh air because of it's clean lyrics, perky, and easy-to-follow and easy-on-the-ear rhythms. Want to get even happier? Find a Happy version from all over the world using this Happy map: http://wearehappyfrom.com/map

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