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NBC Crisis Recap: Episode 2 Aired 3-30-14

This episode was filled with action, and we are learning more about Dermot Mulroney's motives.
                                                                                                             By Diane Hunstein
File:2014 Crisis NBC.jpgThe third episode of Crisis starts off in FBI headquarters.  Dunn, Finley and Director Olsen determine that they need to question the most powerful parents of the students who were kidnapped.  Dunn and Finley go on their way to meet with the President and First Lady, while Gibson places a call to Chief of Staff Frank Beckwith.  He instructs Beckwith to call General Osborne and arrange a meeting, with the promise that
Beckwith’s son will be taken good care of if his instructions are carried out.  The President shows compassion toward Finley, and indicates that Finley was outmanned on the day of the kidnapping and did not need to apologize.  The President will not betray his oath to the country, even if it means letting his son die.  Dunn and Finley meet with Beckwith in his office.  He lies, and says there has been no contact with the kidnappers.  Gibson calls while the agents are present, and the female kidnapper pretends to be Beckwith’s wife when Dunn insists on speaking with whomever is on the phone.  She says her husband should meet her at the candle vigil at the White House gates.  We see a man leaving a lit candle and a bag at the vigil just before Beckwith, Dunn and Finley arrive.  They find a picture of Kyle along with a severed finger, then a series of small explosions occur.  Beckwith grabs the bag and runs, and Dunn and Finley follow in pursuit.

The President is placed in the bunker, and the FBI shuts down the city.  A motorcycle pulls up to Beckwith and he hops on.  An announcement is made to the kids that they will go home if their parents do as they are asked. Beckwith and the motorcycle driver transfer to a waiting car.  Beckwith recognizes the other man as a dad from Ballard High School, and also from billboards.  He owns a string of car and motorcycle dealerships, and his name is Clark Froy.  Gibson explains to the other kidnappers that the parents are a tool because he realized the enormous wealth while attending a school function.  He spent 20 years at the CIA planning coups, assassinations and insurrections and he saw the perfect mission with those parents – just take the kids of the people who control the world and make the parents your weapons and you get what you want, he explains.  Another kidnapper asks “what do you want?” Gibson replies that he wants to break those people at the CIA the way they broke him.  Then he adds that he wants to save the children, because they’ve been kidnapped and need to be rescued.  Dunn needs the President out of the bunker to question him about his Chief of Staff.  A monitor in the kidnappers’ control room indicates a perimeter breach at one of the bedroom windows. 

Kyle is attempting to escape, and is quickly restrained.  Gibson taunts and scares Kyle through a walkie talkie while he is being suffocated.  They release him.  The FBI discovers that the severed finger left at the vigil is Gibson’s.  They also determine that the two deceased ambulance drivers cannot be identified, and may have been special forces.  Anton’s dad, Morgan Roth, meets with his attorney and Dunn.  They are asking her for leniency.  Anton recognizes two of the dead kidnappers as men who came to his home recently with a DWP truck.  The truck is shown on the Roth home surveillance system, which allows the FBI to check its movements on the day in question.  From this information, the FBI determines that it is Froy who is helping Beckwith.  In the meantime, Froy and Beckwith are trying to piece together their roles while driving to their destination.  Dunn and Finley are trying to piece together the situation surrounding Beckwith and Froy, and conclude that they need to return to the White House.  Kyle is back in the sleeping area, talking with his friend Luke and Beckwith’s son.  His “escape” attempt was deliberate, in order to get close to the kidnappers and possibly gain some information from them, such as hearing an accent.  The boys determine that they are still in the U.S., based on the electrical outlets in the house.  Luke tells Kyle to stop being an “active hostage,” even though Kyle had been counseled by Hurst to do so if ever in this situation.  Back at Beckwith’s office, Dunn and Finley determine that Beckwith had received a call from the kidnapper prior to their first visit to his office.

The President, Dunn and Finley view the surveillance tape from Beckwith’s office.  It shows Beckwith placing a phone call to General Mark Osborne to set up a meeting.  Back in the kidnapper’s control room, it is revealed that Koz used to be special forces, and he states that everyone breaks with torture.  At FBI headquarters, it is determined that Osborne is in charge of an advanced weapons system unit and his whereabouts are currently unknown.  Gibson admits that he did not expect the FBI would figure the General was the target until it was over.  Therefore, he orders Osborne’s phone to be cloned in multiple locations in order to confuse the FBI.  Dunn and Finley choose to pursue one location, a hotel, because it contains a presidential suite.  Froy brings the bag that Beckwith had grabbed from the vigil up to the suite.  There is no video feed in the suite.  Gibson calls Froy, and tells him that five years ago, Froy was shot down and tortured for three weeks before he was rescued.  Froy opens the bag, which contains a gun and jumper cables.  Gibson tells him to do to the General what was done to him, and he will get his daughter Jessica back.  Osborne and Beckwith enter the room, and Froy holds up the gun.

Gibson proceeds to give instructions to Froy to torture Osborne in the soundproof suite.  Froy is extremely reluctant, but complies.  He and Beckwith are told to wear headphones so all noise is blocked from them.  There is an earbud placed in Osborne’s ear so he can hear Gibson.  Gibson, with voice distortion, asks about Operation Lennox.  He says there was a massacre, that he needs proof, and asks Osborne where can he get it.  Gibson says they were “your men, you chose them.” Osborne figures out that he is talking to Gibson, but Gibson denies his identity.  Osborne says there is no proof.  Froy and Beckwith are getting more and more distraught.  Osborne breaks from the torture, and tells Gibson that proof is in a helmet cam video, kept in CIA vault 48.  The torture stops and Beckwith unties Osborne.  Osborne shoots Froy twice, and Dunn and Finley burst into the suite.

Dunn and Finley urge Osborne to put the weapon down.  Gibson is also telling Osborne to put the gun down and let the FBI help him.  Gibson adds that Osborne will have a court martial waiting, that his family will turn away from him, that his children think he is a patriot but he is actually a criminal, that shame, humiliation, truth and a CIA bullet await him, and that the CIA will never let him testify. Osborne talks back, and Dunn and Finley don’t understand whom he is talking to.  Osborne shoots and kills himself.  Back at FBI headquarters, Dunn and Finley debrief Beckwith.  He can’t tell them much since he was wearing headphones during the torture, except that when he asked the kidnapper what they were going to do, he was told it would be truth and pain.  “Isn’t that what happened,” Beckwith states, adding “can I get my kid back now?”  Beckwith’s son and Froy’s daughter wake up in a tent in an alley, free to reunite with their families.  Dunn tells Olsen that an earbud was found, and the kidnapper was talking to Osborne when he killed himself, so apparently it was personal.  Back in Gibson’s control room, he crosses off Mark Osborne in his notebook, noting that it will crush the General’s family to find out what kind of man he really was.  Koz asks Gibson how he plans to get the video out of a locked CIA vault.  Gibson flips through his notebook to the page containing the plan – parents Yarrow and Wirth – and says let’s place the next call.

Stay tuned for next week’s suspenseful episode. Will Martha Byrne activate the bombs???

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