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NBC's Crisis Recap: Designated Allies - Episode Aired April 13th

The internal struggles of the kidnapped kids are coming into play, and we are learning more about the relationships of all these kids in  #CRISIS.
                                                                                                                            By Diane Hunstein
While Dunn and Finley go off the grid, Gibson uses his wife to gain intel on the CIA's Operation Lenox. Mark Valley guest stars.
Photo courtesy NBC
This episode, Designated Allies, (original air date April 13), contains twists and suspense as we have come to expect each week.  Janice Gibson receives a call from her husband, although she is not aware of his identity.  He tells her to get CIA Director Widener to her house and poison him.  The first part is easy – Widener is Beth Ann’s godfather.  The second part – well, it’s hard to get one over on someone in his position.  He doesn’t drink the “poisoned” coffee (Janice is unaware that the poison is fake), and ends up comforting Janice as the two of them get friendly on the sofa.  This fits Gibson’s plan perfectly as it gives him
the time he needs to hack into Widener’s phone.  Dunn and Finley question one of the soldiers, Hawkins, in the hospital.  In his distressed state, Hawkins reveals that they were training in the video, not carrying out a mission.  With the CIA closing in on the soldiers, Dunn and Finley decide to kidnap them, along with the doctor.  One of Meg’s staffers finds information on her former employee/lover.  His name is Jonas Clarenbach.

At the mansion, Beth Ann antagonizes Kyle about Hurst.  Gibson knows the razor blade is missing from the utility knife, and the kids are searched to no avail.   Gibson needs the soldiers back from the FBI and orders his people to get the job done.  Finley thinks that he and Dunn crossed the line with the kidnapping.  Hawkins tells them that he is being sent to kill people in Washington D.C.  The doctor, who looks suspiciously like Jonas Clarenbach, disables Dunn and Finley with injections.  Clarenbach radios the CIA.

At the mansion, the kids are in various stages of unraveling.  Luke is stealing meds from the other kids, Kyle is distraught over Hurst’s apparent involvement, and Ian lies to Beth Ann about the razor.  Clarenbach admits to Dunn that he knows her.  He flees the scene, leaving behind his ID badge.  The CIA arrives and picks up the soldiers.

A distraught Clarenbach calls Widener.  He is an unwilling participant in the events of the day.  His job was only to monitor the soldiers and control their condition.  He takes off and Widener cannot locate him.  At the mansion, the teacher drags Ian into a bedroom moments before he was about to attack the guard with the razor.  Dunn pays a visit to Meg to discuss Clarenbach.  It becomes obvious to Dunn that Meg had an affair with him.  Meg had already tracked down Clarenbach’s wife Natalie, and provides Dunn with that information.

Gibson is with the student who had been injured by the guard in a previous episode.  The student innocently tells Gibson that he had a dream that Gibson was actually a kidnapper.  Dunn finally tells Finley that Amber is her daughter.  The FBI descends upon Natalie’s house.  Finley discovers a photo of Gibson, Clarenbach and the two soldiers posing together.  Janice gets a call from Gibson.  He tells her that he and Beth Ann are being permitted to talk to her as a reward.  Gibson’s team disrupts the CIA communications to the van transporting the soldiers.  They take a new route, and are met with deadly force by Koz who is posing as a police officer.  The soldiers are securely in Gibson’s possession. 

Stay tuned next week!

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