Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Get to Know Actor Christopher Sean of Days of our Lives, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Hawaii Five-O in this #Feel-Good Interview - 7 Things to Know

By: Markos Papadatos
Christopher Sean is an actor and voiceover artist who is known for playing the role of Paul Narita in the Peacock daytime drama "Days of Our Lives" and in the limited series "Beyond Salem."
He portrayed Bing Lee in the web series “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries,” and is known for his recurring role as Gabriel Waincroft on CBS’s “Hawaii Five-0.”
Christopher Sean gained recognition for his lead voice over role as Kazuda Xiono in “Star Wars Resistance” and his recurring role as Brandon in the series “You” on Netflix. Here are seven interesting things to know about him.
Christopher Sean's Favorite Movies 
Christopher stated, "Braveheart, Gladiator, Castaway, and Tom Hardy’s movie “Bronson.” “There are a lot of films that I love,” he said with a sweet laugh. 
Favorite  TV Shows 
“Game of Thrones,” “Breaking Bad,” and “Naruto: Shippuden.” “I love that animated series,” he said. “I love Goku, that’s my biggest thing in ‘Dragon Ball Super.’ ‘Naruto’ is amazing.” 
Christopher's Favorite Cheat Food is....
...Carne Asada Fries with everything on top. “Carne Asada is like a Mexican steak burrito and take everything inside the burrito (the sour cream and cheese) and you put it all on top of fries,” he said. 
Favorite Sports to Watch and to Play 
“I love to play and watch basketball, and I love to watch football too,” he said. “Lately, I have gotten into baseball. I am a huge fan now, especially of pitcher, Shohei Ohtani, he is incredible. I watched him hit a home run; it was awesome.” 
Favorite Mottos to Live by 
“I can when I will, and I can when I won’t. You have to be selfish to be selfless. You have to take care of yourself to take care of others. Also, do or do not, there is no try. Serve your community and your community will serve you.” 
If Christopher Sean had a Superpower It Would Be...
“The ability to heal” and “Shapeshifting is a good one too” 
His Dream Acting Partners 
Seth Rogen, Gong Li, and Ken Watanabe. “I want to work with very famous Japanese-American actors and Asian-American actors,” he said. “I want to share the stage with anybody that is nominated for an Academy Award. I want to share the stage with them because their caliber of work would only bring my level up.” 
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Photo Credit: Bjoern Kommerell