Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Feel-Good Interview: Get to Know Evan Roderick from Hallmark, The CW and Netflix Shows - Six Things to Know About Him

By Markos Papadatos, PowerJournalist
Evan Roderick is a Canadian actor and a former ice hockey player. He played the recurring role of Officer Nick Anastas on "Arrow" on The CW, and he played the lead role in the Netflix series "Spinning Out."
“Spinning Out” follows Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelario), an up-and-coming elite figure skater who teams up with talented pair skater and resident bad boy Justin Davis (Evan Roderick) after an injury ends her solo career.
Roderick has starred in such Hallmark projects as "Autumn in the City," the holiday film "A Tale of Two Christmases," and most recently, he starred in the new Hallmark mystery "Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something New."
Evan Rodericks' Favorite Movies 
Sideways is my favorite movie of all time. I love that movie,” he exclaimed. “I love dramedies,” he said. “I also enjoy Almost Famous and John Carpenter’s The Thing.” 
Favorite Series 
His favorite series to binge-watch includes Stranger Things, and he is looking forward to the upcoming fifth (and final) season. 
“I also liked Hunter and Succession,” he said. “I binged most of The Sopranos.”
If He Had a Superpower.......
On his superpower of choice, Roderick said, “I always have dreams of flying. Also, being the fastest runner would be cool. If I could be Usain Bolt, that would be incredible.” 
Favorite Mottos to Live By 
Regarding his favorite mottos to live by, Roderick said, “You get what you give” and “just keep living.” 
Evan Roderick's Favorite Cheat Meal 
He revealed that his favorite cheat meal is “pizza.” 
Favorite Sports to Watch and Play 
On his favorite sports to watch and to play, he said, “I have to say ice hockey because it was my whole childhood. I have a hard time watching football with all the whistles. I’m so used to hockey and the constant flow of the game. I love playing hockey too.” 
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Photo Credit: Sven Boecker, Hallmark Media

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