Friday, December 17, 2021

There's Hardly Nothing Not To Love if you Like Christmas Rom Coms in Netflix Movie Love Hard Starring Jimmy O Yang, Nina Dobrev and Darren Barnet - Five Reasons To Love It

Review by Suzanne Ordas Curry

I'm always looking for happy movies during the holidays. Yes I like my sad and heartfelt ones but after a long day working and stressing out over a holiday TO DO list, it's all about what it going to make me laugh. And Love Hard has consistent laughs throughout it. If you're a rom com fan, you'll probably like this movie about two people looking for love on dating apps.

Five Reasons to Love Love Hard:

1. It's freakin' funny. The actors know how to deliver, the situations are funny and there were a few real LOL moments. 

2. Baby's It's Cold Outside: BEST EVER VERSION of this song. What a plus for this movie that there was also music in it. Though I love the version in ELF, this one comes unexpectedly and takes the cake.

3. Multi-Generational: Yes, they serve as a backdrop to the young ones, but the dialogue is pretty applicable to real world family conversation.  It is of course a comedy so it's larger than life but still the dialogue was believable. And if you're a parent with a child living at home you'll find it extra relatable. Yes, they do have to surface to sign for packages.

4. Casting: Jimmy Wang is perfect for the part and we are rooting for him. Nina Dobrev shows her talent as a comedic actress. And then of course, there's "Paxton" (Darren Barnet). No explanation needed. If you don't know who Paxton is, find him. 

5. Diversions: I say diversions because so many romcoms are to focused on just the two. This one brings in different characters, different activities and mixes up some classic movie themes as in Cyrano de Bergerac and  Love Actually.