Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Interview: Musical Artist Loren Smith Talks about His Song "Our First Christmas", How He Got Started and His Passions

Interview by Suzanne Ordas Curry

Meet Loren Smith. His latest single, "Our First Christmas" is about meeting your significant other's family during the holidays. Composed specifically for the LGBTQIA+ audience but with a message for anyone, it was made by Loren with Erik Kertes (Shakira, Ariana Grande, David Foster). Our First Christmas is the lead single from his upcoming EP "Christmas-From My Heart to Yours". As a soloist, Loren Smith's last single boasted over 750,000 YouTube Views, he has worked with Michael Buble, BTS, and been featured on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE.

Tell me about yourself/profession.    

Loren Smith: I have two passions, people and music. I believe everyday is the chance to learn how to love myself and others better than the day before. Time is what we all have in common, so I try to use the music i create in hopes to strengthen and encourage the listener. 

When did you start singing?

Loren Smith: I grew up being forced to sing in a large and musically gifted family, so my first solo was age 3. Looking back, I’m grateful for my start. My family’s guidance could be tough and even hard to hear, but I know now they not only saw something special in me, but they loved me enough to tell me the truth. 

Why this song and why now?

Loren Smith: My co-writer and producer, Erik Kertes said to me during a songwriting session, “I’ve got an idea for a song, and I think you’re the only one that can sing it.” So we sat down to craft a song of a story we’d neve seen or heard. Our world is changing and as we continue to open ourselves and accept new definitions of “family”, this song tells a story of acceptance, love, and the familiar universal feeling of the ‘meeting your significant other’s family during the holidays’ jitters.

Who do you hope to reach with this song?

Loren Smith: This song was made very much with the LGBTQIA+ and their allies in mind, but I hope it genuinely speaks to the hearts of every listener to remind us of what matters most when the dust of expectations is cleared away, we all want to know we are seen, heard, and that we matter. You can see it here:

What else do you do? What are your current and future projects and goals?
I’m currently working towards saving to buy a home, making the transition to work and live bi-coastly, continuing to grow my audience with my current catalog of music, and trying to lose my last few hundred vanity pounds, AND production work has already begun on what will be the biggest album I’ve EVER done, and I can’t wait to share that with you! I’m so Excited! 

Fast Five
Favorite Movies
The Sister Acts
The Saw Films 
Home Alone 1 & 2 
The Color Purple  

Favorite Artists 
Stevie Wonder
Erykah Badu
The Clark Sisters
Whitney Houston
Michael Jackson

Best Places to Eat in NYC 
Empanada Mamas (My New Spot)

How Do You Unwind?
Listen to my Quiet Storm Playlist
Long baths, Meditation
Drinks w Friend
Small and/or large amounts of milk chocolate. 

Mantras you live by;
Why Wait?
If it wastes my time or talent, count me out.
Love in such a way that people never have to question how much they mean to you.
In the absence of love and belonging, there will always be suffering. 
I trust everything is working out for my highest good.

Watch Video Here:

NEW SINGLE "Can't Wait" available everywhere.