Friday, November 8, 2019

Netflix Christmas Movies: What's New for 2019 and What Classics You Can Find - New Netflix Originals Include Holiday in the Wild and Let It Snow But no New Prince Movies

by Suzanne Ordas Curry

Tis the Season for holiday movies! Netflix, coming off the success of its movies from previous years including The Christmas Prince (which frankly checked the box for every cheesy and twinkling detail we crave in a holiday movie) is providing us with yet even more this year. The number one movie I plan on seeing is Holiday in the Wild. Right off the bat the title does not conjure up snow and mistletoe, but it's got Kristin Davis (Sex and the City and Deck the Halls) and Rob Lowe (who needs no intro with that chiseled mug) in it, so that's a definite yes for me. I don't even have to know what it's about or even if it's filmed where there is no snow (it is), I'll watch it just because they are in it.

                                         View Trailer for Holiday in the Wild:

Wild for Christmas is an original new movie for Netflix. Another  new Netflix original this season is Let it Snow, about a snowstorm wreaking havoc on a bunch of teens. Beware when searching there are lots of Christmas movies titled Let it Snow, including one of my favorites on Hallmark featuring Candace Cameron Bure). Speaking of snow problems and kids that reminds me of the classic Snow

View Trailer for Let it Snow:

They also have included movies made in past years, including some previously seen on other networks.  Titles include A Holiday Engagement (from Hallmark), Christmas Crush, Dear Santa (from Lifetime), The Christmas Candle, Elliott the Littlest Reindeer, Christmas Break-in and Christmas in the Heartland and Santa Girl (new, for kids).

View Trailer for Santa Girl Here:

In addition, Netflix has a bevy of movies you can stream now. They have old classics as well as new classics. Here is a short list of ten  of them starting with my absolute Numero Uno favorite Christmas movie of all times Love Actually, and then in no particular order.

Trailer for A Christmas Prince:

So, sit down with your remote, get out the hot cocoa, and feel like it is the Christmas season even though it is two months away. It used to be the stores putting out their decorations beckoning in the Christmas season, now it's the movies starting before Halloween.