Friday, September 30, 2016

#JustSayThankYou: The Hollywood Beauty Detective Starts a Movement For Girls to Just Take the Compliment

Actress Holly Fulger says
to girls: #justsaythankyou
Actress Holly Fulger , from Ellen, Zenon,
& 7th Heaven is founder of  The Hollywood Beauty Detective. And she's starting a movement.. With all the emphasis on looks more than ever, she believes girls and women should be happy with their beauty. And know how to take a compliment.

Holly states, "The Hollywood Beauty Detective believes that women and girls everywhere deserve to feel beautiful. And we know that, as women, sometimes it's difficult to believe that, and even more difficult to hear a compliment and, 'just say thank you.' 

Holly's website aims to redefine beauty, after all, beauty is just an opinion. As part of this, #thehollywoodbeautydective has produced a video called #justsaythankyou. It's a start in a very long process.

She asks that people "Please take a minute, watch our video, then go and compliment a girlfriend: tell her she's beautiful, tell her she has beautiful eyes, tell her she inspires you. And then tell her to #justsaythankyou. "

Here's a link to the video:

For more info visit:

The Hollywood Beauty Detective is one of SuzeeBehindtheScenes' 100 Best Blogs for Women.

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