Sunday, May 4, 2014

NBC Crisis Recap Episode - Episode Aired 4-27-14

Plot twists abound in the episode  “Homecoming,” which aired on April 27.  Dunn and Finley convince Gibson to use them – they have information about the CIA Station Orange site.  Hmm, will this move the FBI agents’ mission forward, or did they just make a deal with the devil? 
At the mansion, the kidnappers begin psychological manipulation with the kids.  They are forced to read statements that their parents cannot find or save them.  Station Orange turns out to be the D.C. visitor booth that we had seen Director Widener at in a prior episode.  Koz and his fellow thugs take the soldiers out of the storage container.  Thayer goes with Koz back to the mansion and Hawkins goes to a different location.  Gibson calls Dunn during an FBI/CIA meeting and instructs her to get a man that the CIA is holding and bring him to a parking garage.

As she leaves FBI headquarters, Dunn is approached by Amber’s biological father.  He wants money, and lots of it.  Koz returns to the mansion with Thayer.  Dunn and Finley stake out a house that is manned by undercover CIA operatives.  Finley uses his handy D.C. metro connections – the fire department and police show up and evacuate the neighborhood due to a “gas leak.”  This allows Dunn and Finley to enter the CIA house, compel the operatives to leave, and discover Clarenbach tied up in the basement.  Kyle and Beth Ann are becoming closer to one another.  The kidnappers discover that the soldiers were injected with an advanced protocol and are currently on a mission for hostage rescue.  Thayer launches an attack in the kidnappers’ control room, and Gibson realizes that Widener has set him up.  Thayer escapes into the mansion, with the kidnappers in pursuit.  Gibson needs Thayer alive.  One of the kidnappers gives Amber his vest.  Thayer finds Hurst but does not shoot him.  The other soldier, Hawkins, kills his kidnapper at a different location.

Dunn and Finley are driving with Clarenbach, on their way to deliver him to Gibson.  Clarenbach explains that Widener needs him because he is the only one who knows the drug formula for the soldiers.  Back at the mansion, Thayer shoots and kills a kidnapper in front of Kyle and Beth Ann.  The soldier knows who the kids are.  Kyle takes possession of the slain kidnapper’s gun.

Thayer runs out of ammunition and comes out of his hiding spot with a machete.  Koz shoots him, then continues shooting and kills Thayer after the soldier keeps coming at him, to Koz’s disbelief.  Much of the control room is destroyed.  Hurst is out of his cell and holds a gun to Gibson.  He wants his daughter, Tory, and the rest of the kids released.  Dunn and Finley enter the parking garage.  Clarenbach realizes that he is being turned over to the kidnappers.  Hurst takes Gibson in front of the kids and asks for Kyle.  There is a flashback to Hurst teaching Kyle how to shoot a gun.  Kyle shoots Hurst twice in the side, because he thinks he is saving Beth Ann’s father.

Gibson persuades Kyle to give up the gun, telling him “you had to do it.”  Gibson plays the perfect role when the guards come in, urging them not to hurt Kyle.  Ian, Kyle and Beth Ann run.  Gibson and Koz meet up in the control room.  Koz suggests they evacuate – their fall guy Hurst is dead and Thayer took out half their people.  Gibson wants his daughter found.  Gibson asks Dunn and Finley to choose a hostage to be released.  This is Dunn’s chance to ask for Amber.  Finley tells him that they need all of the hostages.  Will Gibson comply?  He hangs up.  One of the CIA operatives from the house calls Dunn, demanding the return of Clarenbach.  He threatens that he is on his way to see Meg, and it won’t be a friendly visit.  Tune in next week to see which path Dunn will choose!
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