Thursday, February 15, 2024

The Last Teardrop Premieres at AMC Theater in Harlem as Part of Black History Month: Updated with Photos From the Event

Come celebrate Black History in Harlem. The Last Teardrop will play at the AMC Theater in Harlem on February 15th at 7pm. as part of Harlem Black History Month.  The premiere will be held: Thursday February 15, 2024 7pm Sharp at AMC Magic Johnson Harlem 9, 2309 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY, 10027.
Media arrivals are between 5:30pm and 6pm, Screening begins at 7pm followed by Q & A with Director and Cast, Paul Griffin (Hat) and  RaStarr +PR Event Co Producers. Tony Grier Film Director and Producer (The Last Teardrop). Bobby Brooks Wilson Film Star/Entertainer/Son of RnB Star Jackie Wilson.  *Limited Tickets at the door for standing room.
Harlem, N.Y. February 14 2024 Director/Producer Tony Grier w/ Bobby Brooks Wilson star of The Last Teardrop. Photo by RaStarr +PR Photographer by Crystal Cromartie for @Kissastarrphoto

Harlem, N.Y. February 14 2024 Ms. Zonnie LeSane is Chair Bridge House Capital Campaign, Bobby Brooks Wilson Star of Documentary film The Last Teardrop  with 
Bobby Brooks Wilson (Center) Star of Documentary film The Last Teardrop. 
Photo by RaStarr +PR Photographer Kenneth “CJ” Bazemore for @Kissastarrphoto 

George RaStarr Walker Chief Executive at RaStarr +PR The Last Teardrop Harlem VIP Premiere Screening Co-Producer & Martha’s Vineyard Jazz and Blues Summerfest Publicity Executive, Tony Grier Producer/Director of the Orlando Film Festival Award winning Documentary film The Last Teardrop.  Photo by RaStarr +PR Photographer Georgette Neglia for Kissastarrphoto. 

Paul Griffin; Harlem Night Jazz, and uncle. Of Comedian/Actor, Eddie Griffin... with The Last Teardrop VIP Public Relations  Team Lead.  Photo by RaStarr +PR Photographer Kenneth  “ CJ” Bazemore @kissastarrphoto. 
Harlem, N.Y. February 14 2024
George Kerr. singer, songwriter, producer. Discovered Linda Jones-"Hypnotized"...The Escorts, formerly employed at Motown/ Berry Gordy. A Living Legend... Blase’ Michael Lizzmore 4x Apollo winner.  Stephen Nicholas... Mike Boone aka The Chancellor Of Soul...Warren Tesoro, Entertainer... Paul Griffin; Harlem Night Jazz, and uncle. Of Comedian/Actor, Eddie Griffin.

About the Movie:
THE LAST TEARDROP is the incredible journey of Bobby Wilson, a singer and entertainer who gained critical acclaim for his remarkable stage recreation of Jackie Wilson, the musical legend who passed away in 1984. Little did Bobby know that his tribute performances would lead him on an unbelievable journey of self-discovery and family drama involving some of soul music’s biggest names, such as The Four Tops and James Brown.
Through a shocking discovery, Bobby uncovers a web of family secrets involving the mob, murder and financial fraud. As he struggles through the emotional turmoil of his newfound family history and a litany of conflicts, he also continues his goal to bring the healing power of music to fans and children in the foster care system.
THE LAST TEARDROP examines Bobby’s experiences and the challenges faced by children needing homes while the system struggles to keep up after the impact of COVID.
Featuring rare archival footage of Jackie Wilson, stunning reenactments and exclusive interviews with former Apollo Theater owner Bobby Schiffman, appearance by Paul Griffin (Harlem Late Night Jazz), along with music icons including Joey Dee of The Starliters, Tony Orlando, and Peter Hernandez, the father of Bruno Mars.
THE LAST TEARDROP takes you on an unforgettable journey through the world of music, the resilience of the human spirit and is proof that life is much stranger than fiction.
  • Dr. Iesha Sekou CEO and Founder Street Corner Resources (SCR)
  • Hon. Cordell Cleare New York State Senator District Leader and Valerie Jo Bradey CEO Save Harlem Now!
  • George "RaStarr" Walker CEO RaStarr +PR Media and Public Relations subsidy of The Global Access ManageMeant Group
  • Paul Griffin Director of Harlem Late Night Jazz/Director of Special Projects Local1199 
Additional Sponsors
  • Poet BLASÉ' MICHAEL LIZZMORE AUTHOR of poem inspired by the title of the Film “The Last Teardrop”
  • The Harlem Arts Alliance
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