Friday, February 23, 2024

Feel-Good Interview Series: Savannah Guthrie of Today Show/NBC News and Author of "Mostly What God Does": 10 Things to Know About Her

By: Markos Papadatos, #Powerjournalist
Savannah Guthrie is the co-anchor of the popular morning show “Toby” on NBC News, for which she also serves as a chief legal correspondent. She is also the author of the children’s book “Princesses Wear Pants” and “Princesses Save the World.” She is an executive producer of “Princess Power” on Netflix, which is based on her book series. She is also an Emmy Award winner and a recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award. Most recently, she published her new book on faith titled “Mostly What God Does.” She will be embarking on a book tour to promote this book. On Tuesday, February 27, she will be appearing at The Paramount, where Carson Daly will interview her about the book.
Savannah Guthrie's Favorite Movie
“My favorite movie of all time is ‘The Fugitive’ with Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford.”
Favorite Series to Binge-watch
“The first binge-watch I ever did that blew my mind was ‘Mad Men,’ so I would go back to that.”
Savannah's Favorite Cheat Meal
“Probably a cheeseburger with French fries and a chocolate milkshake.”

Her Favorite Motto to Live by
On her favorite motto to live by, she revealed, “All my love.” “I had a tattoo on my wrist, which is actually my father’s handwriting and it says ‘all my love.’ It’s a mantra that I try to live up to, and I think it’s God’s posture towards us sending all his love,” she said.
Favorite Sports to Watch and to Play
On her favorite sports to watch and to play, she said, “I love to play tennis even though I am not very good at tennis. I also love to watch tennis. While I like pickleball too, tennis is the OG.”
Favorite Music
On her favorite music, she disclosed, “I love country music, but my original favorite is singer-songwriter folk music with heavy acoustic lyrics.”
Hobbies to Unwind and Relax
In an effort to unwind and relax, she said, “I try to play the guitar a little bit, and I’m trying to re-learn the piano after all of these years.”
If Savannah Took an Alternate Career Path
If she were not a broadcast journalist, she would be a “coffeehouse folk singer.”
The Best Thing about Being The Age She is Now
When asked what is the best thing about being her age, she said, “Having perspective… Perspective is a great gift.”
On Balancing Motherhood, Family, and a Career
On balancing motherhood and a career, she said, “I don’t. No one does. Some seasons you are out of balance and out of whack. Try your best and remember what is important to you. Know that there are moments where it feels out of balance and give yourself a little grace for that.”
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Photo Credit: Kwaku Alston, NBCUniversal