Thursday, February 8, 2024

Feel-Good Interview Series: Meet British Actor Danny Griffin of Hallmark's Gilded Newport Mysteries - 9 Things to Know About Him

By: Markos Papadatos, #Powerjournalist
British actor Danny Griffin is best known for his role as Sky in season 2 of the Netflix drama, Fate: The Winx Saga, as well as Shane in Get Even for BBC and Netflix, as well as Aslan in Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen. He shared nine interesting and exciting things about himself.
Griffin was born in London and raised in Cornwall, and he is also an accomplished equestrian rider. He stars in the new Hallmark mystery Gilded Newport Mysteries: Murder at the Breakers opposite Ali Skovbye. He plays the role of Jesse Whyte. This new film premiered on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on  February 2, 2024.
In this new mystery, a society page writer (played by Ali Skovbye) in 1895 Rhode Island witnesses a murder while attending a ball at the Vanderbilt mansion and is drawn into the investigation when her brother is arrested.

“I am excited for everyone to see it and to crack the mystery. Who doesn’t like a good mystery? This was very enjoyable, and it was good fun,” Griffin said about Gilded Newport Mysteries. Watch the trailer here:
Danny Griffin's Favorite Movies
“I love Sherlock Holmes, which was directed by Guy Ritchie… That one is super-fun to watch,” he said, prior to adding that he also enjoys such Quentin Tarantino classics as Inglorious Basterds, Reservoir Dogs, and Django Unchained.
His Favorite Series to Binge
His favorite series to binge-watch is “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” “I am such a geek and a nerd,” he admitted. “I love the original anime. I never get bored of that. It is such a fun show to watch. It is super fun, I can fall asleep to it. I know it so well.”
What's the Best Thing about Being his Age?
On the best thing about being his age (26), Griffin shared, “I like constantly learning. I’ve learned quite a lot this year about myself and who I am as a person. I’m trying to better myself and get rid of some traits that I am not happy with, and add some new ones that are better,” he said.
Danny Griffin's Superpower of Choice
Griffin revealed that his superpower of choice would be “teleportation.” “Teleportation would be awesome, especially in this huge world. That way, I could cut the travel out altogether,” he said.
His Favorite Sports to Watch and to Play
On his favorite sports to watch and to play, he responded, “I am actually a content creator for TSM; I play Apex Legends semiprofessionally. I watch Apex on Esports and I watch it as well. That’s what I would do in my spare time.”
Danny Griffin's Favorite Hobbies
In his spare time, to unwind and relax, Griffin listed swimming, going to the gym, and horse riding as his favorite hobbies. “If there is a horse yard nearby, I would get on a horse because I love horse riding,” he said.
Speaking of swimming, he noted that “the butterfly” is his personal favorite stroke.
What His Cheat Meal Is
Griffin’s favorite cheat meals are pizza and spaghetti. “I can eat pizza or spaghetti all day. I genuinely love carbs,” he said.
His Favorite Music
On his favorite music, he remarked, “I’ve been listening to a lot of movie scores lately because I have a huge love for that. Composer Ludwig Göransson has been doing a lot of really good music scores lately, including ‘Oppenheimer,’ which is brilliant.”
Favorite Mottos to Live by
His favorite mottos to live by include: “You only live once.” “Also, you need to flow around things; don’t hit into objects and problems,” he said. “That is the way that you should move through life… go through little problems, get them solved and move to the next thing,” he explained.
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Photo Credit: Allister Foster, Hallmark Media