Sunday, October 8, 2023

NYC Actress Iliana Guibert Stars as "Beatriz" in 26 Miles at the Gulfshore Playhouse in Naples Florida, October 12 - November 5, 2023

Iliana Guibert is well-known as an actress in the New York City area. She's had roles on several TV shows, movies and in many plays. Last summer she starred in Anna in the Tropics at the Bay Street Theater in the Hamptons. 

She's also a co-host on the talk show The LIBBY Show - Lunch with the Ladies. This fall, she's starring as Beatriz in the play 26 Miles at the Gulfshore Playhouse in Naples, Florida from October 12 - November 5, 2023.

Suzee: 26 Miles, written by the Pulitzer Prize and Tony-nominated Playwright Quiara Alegria Hudes is billed as a "hilarious and heartfelt coming of age story" about the relationship between a mother and daughter. You are the mother. Tell me about your role as Beatriz.

Iliana Guibert: First, thank you for the opportunity to discuss this show.  I play a fiery, bigger than life Latin mom but my role as mom was cut short when my ex, Aaron, played dirty in court and I lost custody of our young daughter.  I was completely devastated with no will to live but managed to pull myself together and now years later there's an opportunity to connect with my now teenage daughter on an unexpected road trip. 
Suzee: Since you have a daughter, did it help you relate to this role? Did this role speak to you?

Iliana Guibert: It absolutely helps that I'm a mom.  I so relate to the role of mama bear protecting her cub in so many ways - wanting to nurture, love, teach, make memories, guide her, be her cheerleader, be her sounding board.  

Suzee: What did you learn about doing a play from your role in Anna in the Tropics that you may bring to this role?  

Iliana Guibert: This is a great question.  The roles are similar in that both characters have so much heart, fire, love of family and are very matriarchal so I'll definitely be bringing that.  Both characters also happen to be Cuban and I love the opportunity to share that flavor with an audience.  My parents were born in Cuba and I feel very connected to my Cuban heritage. 

What is the message of the play.. will people be entertained, leave laughing, happy, etc? Or what do you hope the feeling will be when they leave?

Iliana Guibert: I feel the message of the play is conveyed by all the characters in their own way and it's a message of resilience, patience, forgiveness, coming of age, of transformation and connection. 

Yes, I believe the audience with be entertained.  There are many joyful and funny moments as well as tender and painful ones. 

Suzee: What are some other projects we can see you in?

Iliana Guibert: You can see me on Youtube you can watch two short films:
The short film Hoar is making the rounds at film festivals in NYC & LA currently and coming soon is the feature action film, Six Hours Away, where I play the mom to the action hero. 

Keep up with and connect with Iliana Guibert-McGinnis on Instagram: @iliana.Guibert 
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