Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Interview with California Dreams' Jennie Kwan on THE LIBBY SHOW - She Talks about Her Days on Dreams, Her Career & Around the Sun Podcast

By Beth Brier

Add more fun to your lunch without any additional calories! Join host and producer Suzanne Curry and host Messalina Morley as they talk to the multi talented Jennie Kwan on The Libby Show: Lunch with the Ladies” Season 3, Episode 1. You can watch it here: 
Jennie shares how the changing roles for women in entertainment affected her; what surfing has to do with success; the Nanny who inspired her; and even sneak a peek at some surprising collectibles in her home studio!Now think back (in my case, waaay back) to eleven years old. You were probably practicing your cartwheels, sharing well-worn copies of “Are You There, God? It’s me, Margaret”, and experimenting with lip gloss. But if you were Jennie Kwan, you would already be an actor, singer, and voiceover artist auditioning for parts in a very grown-up world. In fact, while most of us still played hopscotch, Jenny had already landed the part of Samantha “Sam” Woo on the ABC show “California Dreams”.

Watch Jennie Kwan on The LIBBY Show Here:

In a very short time, Jennie’s résumé expanded to include private coach, writer, animation voice, and video game avatar. And you may not be too surprised to find out who inspired Jenny‘s tenacity, determination, and ability to ride the ups and downs in this business.Brad Forenza, himself, an award-winning, writer, and performer, chose Jennie Kwan to be a featured active on his podcast “Around The Sun, Season 2: Desert People”.* Brad tells The Libbys that Jennie’s role requires her to be both naïve and seductive, which he says Jenny can convey solely by her voice. Brad is spot on! Listening to Jennie is soothing and inspiring. Likewise, Jennie admires Brad’s elevated yet relatable writing. Together, they are an unstoppable combination.To learn more about Jennie Kwan and why this elegant and prolific actor is sometimes “Nobody’s Angel”, watch the full interview of “The Libby Show: Lunch with the Ladies” Season 3, Episode 1, available on YouTube. *Trigger warning ! Attention Flat Earth-ers! The title of this podcast makes reference to our planet’s shape and elliptical orbit.

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