Tuesday, October 17, 2023

NJ/NYC Area Event: Non-Profit TEEEM Brings Students, Educators and Global Leaders Together at Leadership Symposium at Ramapo College in NJ

The non-profit TEEEM, which stand for the Empathy, Equality, Entrepreneurship Mission, is hosting its Annual Leadership Symposium at Ramapo College in Mahwah NJ on October 23, 2023 from 8:00am - 2:00pm. TEEEM is an organization that works with schools to provide students with the opportunity and knowledge to help impoverished people around the world and in the US. 
To learn more visit: TEEEM.org
TEEEM is an educator-driven nonprofit that strives to create a better, kinder world through Empathy, Equality, and Entrepreneurship. TEEEM connects local schools with global organizations while teaching students about leadership and humanitarianism. In conjunction with learning how to comprehend and tackle global issues, these partnerships cultivate meaningful, rewarding experiences for students as they make a real impact on society. They learn this through classes, clubs, travel and projects.

UPDATE: There is limited seating for this event. If you are a school or educator interested in learning more or having a TEEEM program at your school, please contact: Taylor@TEEEM.org.

Teem has experienced tremendous growth since the pandemic, indicating the importance of its programs and the willingness of schools to participate in a program that opens up the world to their students.  TEEEM Vice President, Taylor DeMaio, states, “TEEEM had very humble beginnings. Just 18 months ago at our first Leadership Symposium, we had students from 10 schools from 3 counties. This year, we are thrilled to be hosting students from 30 high schools across 7 counties. It is here where students develop tremendous ideas that make a lasting impact all over the world. This year, there will be 180 attendees, including students, teachers, administrators, and global leaders."

Students in NJ help students around the world through various programs.

At this unique educational event, nearly 100 student leaders from New Jersey high schools will work directly with esteemed global leaders and non-profit CEOs to learn about the needs of impoverished communities around the world. At the symposium, students collaborate with peers from other schools to develop solutions to real issues being faced by families and community members across five continents. This year’s keynote speaker is Coach Jim Stroker – a New Jersey educator and coach of over 30 years, inductee to the New Jersey Coaches Hall of Fame, and a recipient of the prestigious Distinguished Alumni Award at Ridgewood High School (coachstroker.com). Past speakers include President of Harlem Globetrotters, Keith Dawkins, CEO/Founder of TMI Education, Dr. Brian Chinni, and Mission for Ukraine Co-Founders Mark Kreynovich and Dillon Carroll.

The public is invited to the First Annual TEEEM Gala at Biaggio's in Paramus. 
Visit TEEEM.org for more information.

Jarret Schecter, TEEEM founder, states, "TEEEM was founded on the value of giving today's high school students and tomorrow's changemakers an opportunity to care about others and see how so little resources go so far for billions of people living in an increasingly interconnected world."

TEEEM students and 10 global partners support hundreds of thousands of people by treating patients, feeding children, educating students, empowering women, building infrastructure, and providing hope across five continents. Schools participating in TEEEM programs are currently in New Jersey but TEEEM is expanding into other states.  For more information on TEEEM visit: https://www.teeem.org/. TEEEM's new Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teeemglobal/?hl=en